DANVILLE — Zartman Construction has been among a number of businesses, municipalities, school districts and universities that have donated supplies to Geisinger Health Systems as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds.

When their business stalled due to the coronavirus, Tim Clark, vice president of operations at Zartman Construction in Northumberland, saw an opportunity to give back to the community by donating cases of N95 masks, which are normally used for demolition work.

The personal protective equipment are also used to protect the wearer from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating in health care settings.

Joseph Stender III, media specialist for Geisinger, said the health care provider is currently “well-positioned” to address the challenges of the shortage of supplies, but welcomes and very much appreciates donations from anyone who would like to help protect their friends and neighbors during this unprecedented time.

In addition to Zartman, Geisinger has received a number of donations in the past week, he said.

“There is a need for N95 or dust masks, nitrile or latex gloves, disposable lab coats, safety goggles and face shields,” he said. “Electric construction heaters for outdoor screening tents are also on our wish list.”

Stender advised groups and individuals to call to set up donations, instead of dropping off supplies at hospital locations. To donate, call 800-739-6882 or visit geisinger.org/fightcovid

Geisinger states that it is preparing for a shortage of personal protective equipment. Gifts, it said, will keep health-care teams safe and healthy while they treat those who are, or may be infected by COVID-19.

“As always, blood donations are encouraged and are safe for donors,” he said. If you are feeling well and would like to make a blood donation, visit geisinger.org/fightcovid or contact Kathryn Rowinski at 570-449-5586 or krowinski@giveapint.org.

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