LEWISBURG — News that Rep. Dan Meuser (R-Pa. 9) voted against a spending bill elicited cheers Friday morning from members of two local chambers of commerce.

Meuser, in his first term, was represented at the Joint Legislative Breakfast by John Gower, deputy district director. Gower’s comment was based on an audience request to address Meuser’s vote against an appropriations measure the previous night.

“In a statement released earlier this morning (Meuser) said, ‘I could not vote for a bill that averts a shutdown but does not fund Congress’ core national security function of securing our citizens,’” read Gower, who continued. “It puts further immigration reform on the issues DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) or extended work visas for agriculture workers, for instance, in jeopardy. We cannot reform our immigration system until we have total control of our borders.”

The bill contained $1.4 billion in border security money, $4.3 billion less than what President Trump said was needed, but will likely be signed into law. Meuser’s first House floor address was in support of stringent border security.

Gower said the congressman would continue to look for partnerships with local businesses via Opportunity Zones, notably in Shamokin. Opportunity Zones offer tax incentives for business in lower income areas.

However, Gower added that some of the rules regarding zones from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 have not been laid out yet. Meuser would meet with the Treasury Department in the weeks ahead. Gower said meetings with residents and business owners would also be forthcoming.

Meuser’s assignments to the Education and Labor Committee, Veteran’s Affairs committee and the Budget Committee were mentioned. Gower said Meuser’s experience as state revenue secretary under Gov. Tom Corbett was a valuable item on his resume. Gower also noted Meuser came form a business background in the manufacture of mobility devices.

Gower was asked after the meeting what the congressman would say regarding the apparent scuttling of an Amazon Corp. plan for a business center from Long Island City, New York.

“We’d love to have them in the Ninth Congressional (District),” Gower said.

Tax breaks and incentives granted the corporation drew the ire of local government officials.

The Joint Legislative Breakfast, hosted by the Central Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce, was held at Country Cupboard, Lewisburg. Sponsors included Bucknell Sports Properties and PPL Electric Utilities.

Mike Trudnak, general manager of Bucknell Sports Properties, said the multimedia rights holder for Bucknell Athletics noted branding opportunities were available via Bison sports teams. Tracy Whitter, PPL regional affairs director, played a video of PPL crews helping restore power in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. She also noted that 60-year old wooden utility poles near Milton were about to be replaced by more durable metallic poles.

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Mauser is fear mongering Stop it. We should be so lucky if immigrants swere to move to the coal region thus creating small businesses, adding younger workers to our aging labor force and in the process improve our economy and local real estate values.
Who’s afraid of immigrants? We are all grandchildren of immigrants. Better to be scared? That’s what the politician wants. Fear. It keeps the people captive.


Coal Country is living in the same radical far left socialist dreamworld as Congressman Cortez and others within the new Socialist Democratic Party who support open borders. Yes, I welcome legal immigrates as that is how most of us got here. However, this poster doesn't understand the difference between legal and illegal. I am sure he supports having thousands cross between the border sections that have no walls. They call it open borders. Does he support the tearing down of the walls in San Diego and El Paso? Does he support eradicating the legal ports of entry where those who want to apply for and become legal US citizens can enter. Does he support the illegal entry of thousands of pounds of fentanyl entering the United States not through ports of entry but in backpacks carrying fentanyl and other deadly drugs? Does Coal support sanctuary cities where many have died at the hands of illegal criminal aliens who certainly did not either enter through entry points? Does he support the cost of illegal immigration adding to the 20 trillion dollar plus national debt which increased under Obama more than that of all the past presidents combined while Obama still managed to decimate our military? It will be interesting to see how CoalCountry responds to the bad of illegal immigration and why legal immigration Is acceptable but illegal immigration is not. Perhaps he should ask El Chapo too.

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