SHAMOKIN — Fifteen community events stretching from Saturday through Nov. 27 of next year were unanimously approved Monday by council, but not without protest from a citizen.

Jesse Storm, a property manager from Coal Township, vocally objected to council’s approval of events scheduled more than a year from Monday’s public meeting at Mill Road Square. Storm did not say what would prevent council from accepting the events although he spoke about unrelated topics at the beginning and conclusion of the meeting.

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There are many reasons to object to what happened at this public city meeting. First they table an item for a new ordnance that violates the time required. Eliminating trailers that are legally registered to be parked on the street should be a topic handles by state legislators since they are the ones collecting money to register those trailers. Second the city has not passed a budget for 2022 at this point so how do we know if there are funds to pay employees to put out the trash cans for the evens and pay to remove the trash from the even until after the 2022 budget is adopted. Third putting new agenda business comments twice with out having open public comments once just shows again how current sitting council and mayor are trying to hid everything from the public and not allow the public voice to be heard. Even when these people ran for office on transparency. They closed the public meetings calling it covid issues the past 2 months. Now with numbers at there highest in the last 3 months they open the meetings back up. Our current council are trying to hid way to much from the public. Last the shamokin cemetery is not on the tax rolls witch may allow Shamokin to allocate some funds from our parks and rec budget to cut the grass since it’s out of control and I. Some places over 3 foot high. Council stated there was no money in the budget at all for the shamokin cemetery yet they want to use those funds to higher a person to clean up after the for profit venders that come to our city make money and leave trash all over.

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