SHAMOKIN — City Patrolman Scott Weaver charged the wrong person with possessing cocaine in connection with a Nov. 13 incident outside the Shamokin Area Annex building.

Chief of Police Darwin Tobias III said Wednesday afternoon that Ashley Lynne Heim, 26, of 112 W. Market St., Trevorton, was mistakenly charged by Weaver.

The chief said Heim was the woman who found a baggie of white powder that tested positive for cocaine while she and others were waiting outside the school building to pick up their children.

Tobias said Heim turned over the baggie to a school administrator, who brought it to the city police station.

Tobias, who was very upset about the mistake, said he’s investigating how the wrong person was charged in the incident.

The chief said the drug charge will be withdrawn against Heim today.

“I’m honestly at a loss for words and just think it’s absolutely insane that this happened,” Heim said Wednesday. “This could have ruined my life, and it very well may have ruined my reputation, especially in such a small town. I’m just hurt to know that this was handled so poorly.”

Tobias said he informed Mayor John Brown, who oversees the police department, about the incident Wednesday morning and plans to meet with him and city council members to discuss potential disciplinary action against Weaver.

Though he extended his “sincerest apologies” to Heim, Brown reserved comment about what action may be taken against the officer because it’s a personnel issue.

Tobias also declined comment when asked if Weaver will be suspended.

Weaver, a veteran officer, has been suspended three times in the past few years. The suspensions resulted from Weaver committing the following acts:

• Driving under the influence of alcohol relating to an accident in Ralpho Township;

• Accidentally discharging a firearm while on duty in the city; and

• Allowing a robbery suspect in his custody to escape from the police station.

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Another one of Shamokin's finest.


He has been thee worst police officer shamokin has ever seen.


Fire him immediately...

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