SHAMOKIN — For the second time in less than a year, another time capsule from a former Shamokin landmark will be opened publicly. The Shroyer time capsule will be opened at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 25 at the Anthracite Heritage Festival.

City leaders shared their thoughts on the recovery and opening of another time capsule and what they hope this one will have to offer.

As with the previous time capsule, City Administrator Bob Slaby is keeping this one in a safe place until the day of its opening. “It’s a bit thinner than the other time capsule and when you shake it gently, you can’t feel anything moving around inside unlike the other one. This one is sealed very tightly,” Slaby noted.

According to Slaby, the Shroyer time capsule also had five coins laying on top of it when it was discovered and removed, four pennies and a nickle from the mid-1940’s.

“It was located on the exterior portion of the building directly behind a large granite stone which read ‘Shroyer 1946’,” said Slaby. “When the contractors got to that part of the building, Kevin Richardson of the Street Department (Public Works) worked closely with demolition contractor, Lycoming Supply Inc., of Williamsport, and its owner Bud Williams. The city instructed them to take measures to preserves that area of the building.”

Mayor John Brown spoke of what he hopes the capsule may hold.

“We’ve left it sealed to this point and will open it up that day. Several members of the Shroyer family will be in attendance,” Brown stated. “Once we open it up, we plan on having everything out there for public display on several tables between Chestnut Street and Arch Street along with the Fun Shop time capsule contents. I’m hoping there’s a personal message in there this time from someone, maybe even something from their city council at that time to our council today.”

Councilwoman Barbara Moyer reflected upon what time capsules mean to her personally and shared her thoughts on what messages the Shroyer capsule may hold for us all.

“Time capsules have always been a particular fascination to me. The idea of Shamokin citizens of the past reaching down through the decades to connect with us here and now is a thrill,” commented Moyer. “Sometimes, what people have decided to put into a capsule provides insight as to what was considered very important and other times, items are more every day. Either way, I look forward with great anticipation as to what the Shroyer factory workers placed in the time capsule and I am sure others do also, especially Shroyer family members.”

Councilman Charlie Verano also shared his optimism for the event along with recollections of the Shroyer family.

“I arrived on the scene when they called me that day and they’d already had it (time capsule) removed,” explained Verano. “First of all, I think the Shroyer’s were a fabulous family and a vital part of our city’s heritage. As a young man growing up here in Shamokin they were an integral part of our community. Unfortunately, the building had fallen into a state of disrepair and the city was left with no further options but to raze it. My hope moving forward is to have some beautiful new buildings built on those vacant lots that will once again be an asset to the entire community.”

With regard to the capsule’s contents, Verano added, “I would think by judging upon what the Fun Shop one had in it, I’m thinking there may be something in the form of possibly newspaper articles from that time period as well as maybe something from the Shroyer family. There may even be something in there from the World War II time period of our history. We were able to save several Shroyer’s bags from the building which will be brought along over to the festival.”

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