COAL TOWNSHIP — A 21-year-old Coal Township male was incarcerated Thursday morning on charges for allegedly threatening his mom and her boyfriend and resisting arrest.

Patrolman Joshua Wynn charged Alex Michaels, of 109 18th St., with misdemeanors of terroristic threats, resisting arrest and harassment related to the 12:40 a.m. incident at the residence, owned by his mother’s boyfriend David Reigle.

Police responded to the call stating an intoxicated male had been making threats and were met at the door by Reigle, who warned police they “were going to have a fight on their hands.”

Lisa Michaels, his mother, told Wynn that her son shoved her and threatened to kill her and Reigle while trying to attack Reigle.

Michaels allegedly shouted after Wynn and Patrolman Chris Lapotsky left, he was going to beat Reigle. The officers attempted to speak with Michaels as he continued yelling and “acting aggressively by clenching his fists.”

He was placed under arrest after making more threats against Reigle and kept telling police he wasn’t going anywhere. Wynn said he and Lapotsky had to use force to pull Michaels through the door. He allegedly lunged away from Lapotsky and continued yelling he wasn’t going with police.

After continuing to refuse to get into the police vehicle, Wynn said he grabbed Michaels by the arm and his pants to attempt to forcefully place him in the vehicle.

Michaels was arraigned before Magisterial Judge John Gembic at 8 a.m. Thursday and sent to SCI-Coal Township in lieu of $20,000 cash bail.

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