SHAMOKIN — Charges were filed today against a corrections officer from the Northumberland County Jail after she allegedly fled the prison as an investigation into possible drug violations was taking place Monday.

Holly N. Olvany, of Spruce Road, Sunbury, was charged with recklessly endangering another person, obstructing administration of the law, disorderly conduct, reckless driving and careless driving. She has not been charged in relation to the drug investigation.

Authorities reportedly went to Olvany's home to take her into custody Wednesday afternoon, but she was not there. Her attorney, Michael Rudinski, later informed authorities she would turn herself in on Thursday.

Police had reported Monday that a certified drug K-9 officer uncovered an unidentified substance in a locker and detected an “alert” outside a vehicle that morning. They said the locker and vehicle belonged to the same officer.

The corrections officer, now identified as Olvany, apparently realizing the focus of the police investigation, gained access to the vehicle in question and proceeded to leave. Deputy Warden Jim Smink attempted to stop the vehicle by stepping in front of it, but had to take evasive action as the driver accelerated, police said.

The search at the prison began after Warden Bruce Kovach contacted the district attorney’s office with evidence suggesting inmates may be using illegal drugs in the jail, according to a news release.

Testing of the substance found in the correction officer's locker is undergoing forensic testing, according to the criminal complaint against Olvany.

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That's what happens when politicians think they can run a prison. I bet more bad news will follow.

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