KULPMONT — Demolition of blighted structures on Chestnut Street in the borough began Tuesday morning.

“These structures have been a blight on the community for many years,” said Kulpmont Borough Council President Walter J. Lutz Jr. “With the demolition of these properties, Kulpmont will continue making substantial progress in improving the borough.”

Borough council had noted the demolition would begin weeks back, but the project was a daunting one that called for additional preparation and precautions to ensure the safety of motorists and passersby.

“Given these buildings location on Main Street, you just can’t block off (Route) 61 with the volume of daily traffic,” Kulpmont Councilman Robert Chesney said a week ago. “We are being tedious and careful, just to ensure all of our ducks are in a row prior to the demolition of the blighted properties.”

The front sidewalk facing Chestnut Street/Route 61 was caged off in a further effort to securely take down the structure in a safe and efficient manner.

Demolition of the property formerly occupying 931 E. Chestnut St. was done Tuesday by Affordable Construction and Demolition LLC, owned by Robert Knoeppel. The building slowly was reduced to bits and pieces as Knoeppel used a sizable Caterpillar to bring down the edifice.

Knoeppel said the building was cleaned out Sunday and Monday in preparation for the demolition. He added that he believed the rubble from the structure will continue to be collected and removed before moving on to the next building to be demolished.

Lutz noted it may take up to a month for the demolition to conclude, as a brick structure is next on tap and it will be more challenging to bring down.

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