SUNBURY — Eight candidates, including incumbents Kym Best and Sam Schiccatano, are seeking three seats on the Northumberland County Board of Commissioners during the May 21 primary election.

Best, a Democrat from Sunbury, and Schiccatano, a Coal Township Republican, are seeking their second four-year terms. Commissioner Chairman Richard Shoch, a Sunbury Republican who will complete his second four-year term this year, is not seeking re-election.

Other candidates include Democrats Tom Aber, of Milton; Dan McGaw, of Shamokin, and Myron F. Turlis, of Kulpmont; Republicans Joe Klebon, of Paxinos, who is running with Schiccatano as a team; Slade Shreck, of Sunbury, and Tom Webb, of Sunbury.

Seeking re-election to four-year terms are District Attorney Tony Matulewicz, of Mount Carmel; Sheriff Robert Wolfe, of Coal Township, and Treasurer Kevin P. Gilroy, of Paxinos, who are all Republicans.

Incumbent Mike Diehl, of Northumberland, who has cross-filed, is seeking a six-year term as magisterial district judge in Milton.

Former county commissioner Vinny Clausi, of Coal Township; Michael Robinson, of Shamokin, and Robert Derk, of Shamokin, previously announced their intentions to run for county commissioner, but have since changed their minds for various reasons.

Tuesday was the deadline to file nominating petitions.

Alisha Elliott, director of the county board of elections and registrations, said lots will be cast for ballot positioning at 11 a.m. Monday in the public meeting room at the county administration center.

She said any candidate facing opposition in the primary election will be contacted by her office about the casting of lots.

There are 14 candidates seeking positions in Shamokin on the government study commission for Home Rule and/or four-year seats on city council.

Seeking election to the government study commission are Mayor John Brown; his wife, Denise Brown; Councilman Scott Roughton; Shamokin Administrative Accountant Doreen Annis; William Allen; Robert Derk; Eugene Garancheski; former Councilman and Controller Gary Haddock; William Milbrand; Joseph Leschinskie Jr.; Justin Minnich; Treasurer Brenda Scandle; Jennifer Seidel, and Nedra V. Templar.

Denise Brown, Leschinskie, Roughton, who are Republicans, and Seidel, a Democrat, also are on the ballot for city council.

Seeking four-year terms as Coal Township commissioner are Republican Ryan Bourinski; Shamokin Area School Board Director Robert Getchey, a Democrat; Republican Leo J. Mirolli Jr.; incumbents Matt Schiccatano and George L. Zalar, and former commissioner Jerry Waugh. Schiccatano is a Republican and Zalar and Waugh are Democrats.

Wayne Kahler, a Republican, is seeking a six-year term as East Cameron Township supervisor.

Seeking four-year seats on Kulpmont Borough Council are Republicans Joseph J. Dowkus II, Walt Lutz and Robert M. Slaby; and Democrats Stephen Motyka and Gregory A. Sacavage.

Democrat Bob Chesney, Dowkus, Motyka and Sacavage are seeking two-year terms on council.

Democrat John E. Wargo is seeking a two-year term as mayor in Marion Heights. Democrat Joseph M. Petrovich and Republican Frank J. Sheptock are running for four-year terms as councilmen.

In Mount Carmel, Democrats Robert Barrett, Gregory Berezovske Sr., Charmange Cimino and Leroy “Chico” Moser, and Republican Jack Spade are seeking four-year terms as council members.

In Mount Carmel Township, Democrats Barrett Bolam and Charles Koveleskie are running for six-year terms as supervisor.

Jerome P. Bulchie, a Republican, is seeking a six-year term as supervisor in Zerbe Township.

Republican Vanessa Major is seeking a two-year term as tax collector in Ralpho Township. Republican Blaine P. Madara Sr. is running for a six-year term as Ralpho Township supervisor.

Incumbents Stephen Cook, Melissa Hovenstine, Jeffrey L. Kashner and Charles H. Shuey have cross-filed for four-year terms on Shamokin Area School Board.

Former board members Rosalie Smoogen and Bernie Sosnoskie, who both cross-filed, and Republican Rich Fowler, also are seeking four-year terms on the school board.

Incumbents Edward S. Zack, who has cross-filed, and Democrat James P. Britt are running for four-year terms on Mount Carmel Area School Board.

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