SUNBURY — Lourdes Regional English teacher Naiad Reich, fired after she revealed she was pregnant and didn't plan to immediately marry, has sued the Diocese of Harrisburg, Bishop Ronald Gainer and Sister Mary Anne Bednar, Lourdes principal.

In the suit filed Friday in Northumberland County Court, Reich, through  attorney Timothy A. Bowers, makes four counts against the defendants, including breach of contract and interference with contractual relations.

The filing also seeks a preliminary injunction that would "immediately reinstate" her employment pending further order of the court.

Reich, 31, of Coal Township, was fired Nov. 30 by Bednar a few days after Reich told her that she and her boyfriend, Matt Graboski, are expecting a child in June and are not planning to marry at this time.

Policy language for diocese employees says “procreation outside of marriage” is not permitted, and that punishment may include “counseling, admonition, the completion of corrective action, suspension or termination of employment.”

Reich challenged the firing, but the diocese in December denied her appeal.

It was previously reported by Lourdes board member Tony Varano, who has called for Reich to be reinstated, that Gainer, in his letter to Reich informing her of the appeal denial, told her she would be paid through the end of the school year. That letter, included as evidence in the lawsuit, also says Gainer wanted to be sure Reich had health care insurance through her pregnancy, and said her insurance would remain in effect through July.

The firing generated considerable public debate ranging from support for Reich and disdain for the diocese to criticism of Reich for violating and yet challenging the terms of her employment.

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She is in a relationship. She should not have been fired.


Is this the same Harrisburg Diocese that knowingly protected child molesting priests? Is this the same Harrisburg Diocese that transferred child molesting priests to save embarrassment of the diocese. Is this the same office (Bishop of Harrisburg) that permitted child abuse by priests over 50 years? Why would any teacher want to teach in such an immoral corrupt system? Answer: Because someone has to have the courage to demonstrate to Catholics that their Catholic Church continues to opearate with the slogan "business as usual". Now is the time to say enough is enough! Finally a non-Catholic has the guts to do what we as Catholics have failed to do. Shine the light on the hypocrisy of the Harrisburg Diocese.


Good for her. I figured that would be the next step to the story

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