WILLIAMSPORT —Michael Morgan, a 60-year-old Paxinos man, sued his former employer, McCarl’s Inc., in federal court for $75,000, claiming he was terminated from his position in 2017 due to his age.

The lawsuit was filed on Oct. 23 and claims Morgan was fired from his job as project superintendent/coordinator/manager on June 21, 2017, due to “major cutbacks.” He alleged within a week of his termination, younger workers took over his former duties and additional employees were hired for his position at the Hummel Station project in Shamokin Dam.

McCarl’s secured an $18 million project at Hummel Station and $20 million project in Westmoreland County “immediately prior to June 21, 2017,” according to the lawsuit.

Workers younger than McCarl who performed the same duties hadn’t been let go at the time of his firing, leading to his claim of age discrimination. Morgan said he’s suffered “damages in the form of loss of employment, compensation and loss of employment benefits” due to the alleged discrimination.

Morgan filed a complaint in September 2017 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission alleging unlawful discrimination. He was able to take action in federal court after a year passed since the dual filing.

Morgan is seeking a trial in hopes the court rules McCarl’s engaged in discriminatory practices and is in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. In addition to payment for damages and lost wages, Morgan is seeking to be reinstated in his position with all pay and benefits included or be awarded front pay and an amount representing all benefits of employment he would have received had he not been fired.

A case management conference will be scheduled before U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann, of the Middle District of Pennsylvania, in Williamsport.

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