MOUNT CARMEL — A frustrated Mount Carmel resident presented members of borough council with a letter regarding what he claims are individuals repeatedly trespassing on his property and his request to erect a fence to prevent them from entering through an area near the creek channel wall.

Walter Janusky, of 419 East Ave., expressed mounting frustration over what he claims are drug addicts and stray animals creating problems on his property.

“In 2018 I was told my fence and gates would be reinstalled following completion of the creek channel project but that still hasn’t happened yet. I have since heard that someone has an objection to that,” Janusky stated. “I’m surrounded by druggies and I don’t want them in my backyard or have to call the police every time I find a trespasser on my property.”

Council president Robert Shirmer responded, “That’s not all your yard. What you told me is that you want a fence post installed right next to the creek channel wall. Gary Hixson (borough contractor) told me right now if a fence was erected at Avenue and Locust Streets, no one could get down there.”

“Is the borough accepting liability at this time?” asked Janusky.

Shirmer replied, “The borough’s not accepting anything.”

Janusky was then informed by solicitor Michael Smith that he would take his number and call him back when his schedule permits, in order to discuss the matter further.

Retiring cop honored

Patrolman Kevin Katch received a certificate of appreciation from Mount Carmel Mayor Philip “Bing” Cimino, Chief of Police Christopher Buhay and borough council thanking him for his many years of dedicated service to the community.

“I’d like to thank all the police chiefs, mayors, and council members past and present whom I’ve served under,” said Katch in a brief statement.

Other business

Curb restoration work at the Mount Carmel Town Park was approved to move forward.

It was also noted that the borough is eligible to receive a matching grant of up to 55 percent for a new roof at Clover Hose Company.

Councilman Leroy Moser asked if cleanup work can be done at a adjacent property to the VanDoren residence located at 427 N. Market St. “They’re seeing rats down there.”

Shirmer replied, “We can go down there but we can’t move the trampoline or other items in that yard. We could cut underneath it.”

Moser pointed out that the current owner of the blighted property is now in prison and won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Councilman Ed Fegley informed his fellow council members and others present that a winning bid of $3,348 was placed for purchase of a used water slide and another $100 for a new diving board for the community pool from the Borough of Northumberland.

“In talking with Jack (Spade), it looks like we’re not going to be open by Memorial Day weekend,” said Fegley.

Mayor’s report

Cimino thanked the Kaupas Center and its director Jake Betz, along with Bucknell University students and Mount Carmel Downtown Inc. for their efforts in helping to revitalize the community.

“We appreciate and support all of them,” he stated.

According to Cimino, the Veterans Housing Project located on 7th Street should also be getting underway by the start of June.

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