Housing Authority of the City of Shamokin ratifies three-day event lease with AOAA

A sign posted by The Housing Authority of the City of Shamokin on Thursday warns people not to trespass on a dirt trail just east of the Raspberry Hill Complex.

SHAMOKIN — The Housing Authority of the City of Shamokin ratified a three-day event lease with the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) at their regular meeting Thursday night.

The agreement allows AOAA, its customers, guests and invitees to cross two parcels owned by the housing authority in order to gain access to the City of Shamokin via Terrace Avenue for “Taking it to the Streets” rides on Saturday, Oct. 26 and Nov. 9.

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Several years ago my family and I visited the Hatfield and McCoy trails in West Virginia. Those areas are poor coal towns , just like Shamokin, people coming to ride those trails and stay in the towns are the only reason most of those town are making it. The people were very pleasant to use and at the local gas station and eatery they were so friendly and thankful for our business. Change is “Shamokin” embrace it. For the sake of our young people we desperately need our area to grow and prosper. I have a small business in Shamokin and I thank God everyday that I opened it years ago and have a wonderful, faithful clientele. I’m afraid now it wouldn’t be so easy to establish the same kind of clientele.

Weather you are in agreement or not just pray for our town and area to prosper and becoming a safe , successful town for the younger people . I grew up hear. I Played in the streets and cruised town and it was awesome and I always felt safe. Together as a community we can help this town to be successful again. ❤️


Vote should have gone to the people. It's their town not just a few.


That's the part the city politicians don't Care about. As long as they are filling the pockets of their private business friends.


"was absent due to a medial emergency." Can you spell MEDICAL???


"The action occurred in quick fashion without comment from the board or public." Well of course, you can't have the public comment on allowing recreational vehicles that were never meant to be driven on public streets...It's going to take someone getting seriously injured or even killed and the city and AOAA getting sued for 10's of millions of dollars before they stop this...Will make National News Channels and make Shamokin look even worse...

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