KULPMONT — The upcoming demolition of some main street properties and a focus on further cleaning up the community highlighted Wednesday’s borough council meeting.

Properties at 923, 929 and 931 Chestnut St. will be demolished within the next two weeks, to the delight of council and some local residents.

Councilman Robert Chesney had a strong message concerning the matter.

“These buildings within the borough that are in poor show are going to have to come down, but the landlords, many of whom are from out of town, they need to understand they are going to be held responsible. Kulpmont Borough will not be footing the bill,” Chesney said.

Borough resident James Cipriani spoke up at the meeting about how he and his wife are dealing with issues when it comes to neighbors and a lack of upkeep at their respective homes.

“Initially, we welcomed our new neighbor, but, over time, there has been garbage piling up, and it’s been very frustrating,” Cipriani said. “People need to take better care of their properties.

“I would like to commend this current borough council for their efforts,” he continued. “I appreciate you for taking on the outstanding issues Kulpmont has had over the year.”

Borough President Walter Lutz said the borough is aware of the particular issues noted.

“This individual has received numerous fines over time. The next step is the magistrate,” Lutz said. “We appreciate your patience, but, unfortunately, these matters often take up a great deal of time.”

There was a brief discussion regarding the Kulpmont Borough Police, prompted by Mayor Nicholas Bozza.

“I’ve heard rumblings here and there locally, complaining about our police and how they are doing,” Bozza said. “To anyone offering up complaints, I challenge you to sit with myself at the station and see how busy our police are and their constant hard work and efforts.

“Our Kulpmont police officers are going a very good job at what they do,” the mayor continued.

Council awarded a street paving contract totalling $14,350 from Dabulis Masonry Construction LLC, of Coal Township, to pave the sidewalk in front of the borough building near the garage.

Council continued dialogue on other topics, including the location of Bozza’s proposed pollination garden. Veterans Memorial Field was discussed as a possibility.

The board also discussed the possibility of lowering local speed limits uniformly down to 25 mph within the borough. The topic will be further discussed at fire, emergency management and police committee meetings.

A motion was approved authorizing Bozza to clean up a sign near Lamplight Acres at no cost to the city.

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