Kulpmont 100 recognized

Kulpmont Borough President Walter Lutz presents a plaque of recognition to members of the Kulmont100 from left: Tom Letcavage, Vic Nestico, Mike Susnoski, Jeffrey Gilotti, Joseph Myers.

KULPMONT — A man running for borough council posed questions to the board regarding what the municipality paid to repair damage to excavation equipment during Wednesday’s meeting.

Joseph Dowkus, who will appear on November’s general election ballot as a Republican, asked for details regarding recent damage to a backhoe that was estimated to cost $1,388.

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Very poor reporting by the News-Item on Kulpmont's council meeting and questions from the citizens. Their reporter didn't give the whole factual accounting of the damages done to the backhoe by Fanella's wreckless operation of the machine in the stadium ripping up the old basketball courts. Also there was no mention of the removal of the iconic Star from the old Mill Tower by Lutz. First he denied knowing where it was. Then he finally admitted it is in his basement. Wow!


Yes, I intentionally misspelled reckless if you get my drift!


awwwe, you upset pal? Still mad we voted you out?


No, I'm angry because Pinocchio always gives the citizens misinformation and twists the truth to fit his stories!


You can't handle the truth!

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