COAL TOWNSHIP — A Kulpmont man was taken into custody Friday afternoon after he allegedly walked into a home in the first block of South Sherman Street, used methamphetamine and threatened to stab a male occupant with a knife while restraining him in the residence.

Bruce Zigarski, 42, was incarcerated at Northumberland County Jail following the 3:15 p.m. incident at 24 S. Sherman St.

Patrolman Cody Rebuck reported Zigarski walked into the home and asked the male occupant to stay. The victim, who was not identified by police, told police Zigarski then used methamphetamine and began to “tweak out.”

The victim said Zigarski began claiming there were people at the door who wanted to kill him. He said Zigarski became “frantic” and called 911 to report that somebody was trying to get him and that he was locked in a room.

The victim said Zigarski then began yelling at the 911 dispatcher before disconnecting. Police said Zigarski dialed 911 a second time while they were checking the area and could be heard yelling.

Police officers then made entry into the attic of the home.

The male occupant of the home reported Zigarski had jumped onto a bed behind him and held a butterfly knife to his chest while stating, “If you say anything, I’m going to stab you.”

After taking Zigarski into custody, police recovered various drug paraphernalia and controlled substances from the residence.

Zigarski is charged by Rebuck with misdemeanors of unlawful restraint, possessing a prohibited offensive weapon, terroristic threats, possessing an instrument of crime, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment, simple assault and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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