SUNBURY — Joe Leschinskie Jr., 36, of 518 E. Pine St., Shamokin, was arraigned Thursday morning by Magisterial District Judge Michael Toomey on two charges of making terroristic threats and six disorderly conduct counts relating to an incident at the most recent Shamokin City Council meeting on Sept. 14.

Leschinskie was arrested by state troopers at his place of business and, following the arraignment, was ordered to be held on $5,000 cash bail. He successfully posted the $5,000 cash bail and was released. 

Staff writer Mark Gilger contributed to this report.

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Yet rioters are released with no bail all across the country. What a rigged system


Do you have proof of this happening?

I was there stood beside Joe when this was all going crazy. And the police chief and I where standing between the councilwoman and her husband and joe at the time they kept escalating the level. Second what he was being charged with the police chief was out side with everyone trying to de escalate the issue. When the others came out side and it started a shouting stint again. The chief is the one that told joe to get in the car and leave prior to anyone getting charged. So this state trooper who was not there and obviously did not talk to the witnesses and is looking at the video that was being recorded vs what all was going on. They drove this home and then had there mother record joe out side after they had him dialed up. Again issue was and is the unprofessionalism of the entire council and the spouse of one. I have yet to see the council women arrested for steeling documents from city office. The statement was made that the tite for tat that was done was done prior to councilwomen being sworn in. If that is the case why was she granted the access to documents that she did state she gave him prior to being employees by the city.

Yet council member yet was not been arrested nor her husband. I find it a crying shame that city councils members and the mayor can out right lie to the public and nothing is done. The council and the husband of the councilwomen insured the rage and the fuel for the out burst. Then councilwomen and her husband stocked the fire telling this man that he should run for council but he could never get elected because he has a felony. Mean while council women from what I seen there was playing tite for tatE with public records. So really the rag and anger here would not have happened had council member not created the brew pot for this stir.

My question to the public is this... Is Detective Degg Stark on the take from council or people council is connected with?

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