MOUNT CARMEL — About 50 middle school-age students, all residents of the Mount Carmel Area School District, have signed up for the fourth annual Kaupas Camp, a free three-week summer enrichment program consisting of academic, athletic and community service activities. The athletic component of the camp consists of sports clinics, also free, which are conducted by Bucknell University coaches and athletes.

In addition to the camp roster of registered students who will participate daily in all camp activities, students who will be entering fifth- through eighth grades this year will be accepted, through issuance of guest passes, to attend athletic clinics on particular camp days.

Additional enrichment activities to be conducted by Bucknell, are included in the guest pass program.

Activities that are guest pass-eligible include:

• Monday, June 17, basketball at Mount Carmel Area.

• Tuesday, June 18, wrestling, at Bucknell campus.

• Tuesday, June 18, dance program, at Bucknell campus.

• Wednesday, June 19, wrestling, at Mount Carmel Area.

• Thursday, June 20, soccer, at Mount Carmel Area.

• Monday, June 24, basketball, at Mount Carmel Area.

• Tuesday, June 25, tennis, at Bucknell campus.

• Wednesday, June 26, tennis at Bucknell campus.

• Wednesday, June 26, art activity at Bucknell campus.

• Monday, July 8, track and field, at Mount Carmel Area.

• Tuesday, July 9, track and field, at Mount Carmel Area.

• Wednesday, July 10, field hockey, at Mount Carmel Area.

Camps at Mount Carmel Area will be from 10 to 11:30 a.m., but transportation to the school for guest pass holders will not be provided.

Transportation for camps at Bucknell University will be provided, with buses departing from Mount Carmel Area High School at 8:30 a.m. and returning to school in time for the summer lunch program.

Guest forms are available in both the high school and elementary offices and will be accepted up to the date of the events.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Jolene Scicchitano at

The Kaupas Camp is sponsored by the Mount Carmel Area School District. It was proposed in 2015 by the Mother Maria Kaupas Center, which is active in the organizational planning and fundraising efforts.

Additional funds are needed to support the 2019 camp. Contributions may be mailed to Pete Cheddar, of the Mount Carmel Area School District, 600 W. Fifth St., or the Mother Maria Kaupas Center, 438 West Ave. Checks should be made payable to the Mount Carmel Area Education Foundation, with “Restricted for Kaupas Camp” written in the memo line.

A principal partner in planning the educational component for academic activities on the school district complex, is STEAMS, a program conducted by the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU).

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