SUNBURY — Four of five open seats on the Line Mountain School Board were filled Tuesday by write-in candidates, four of whom are incumbents who chose not to run for re-election.

There were no candidates on the ballot for the five seats.

Incumbent Ronald Neidig captured 31 write-in votes, including 15 as a Democrat and 16 as a Republican in Region 1, which encompasses the Borough of Herndon and Little Mahanoy, Lower Augusta, Washington and Upper Mahanoy townships.

Incumbents Lauren Hackenburg and Troy Laudenslager tallied 15 and 13 write-in votes, respectively as Democrats, and 98 and 93 votes, respectively, as Republicans, to earn seats in Region 2 that includes Jackson, Jordan and Lower Mahanoy townships.

Incumbent Marlin Yeager Jr. garnered 10 write-in votes as a Democrat and eight as a Republican in Region 3, which covers West Cameron and Zerbe townships.

Another seat remains open in Region 3 as nobody received at least 10 write-in votes in the primary. Incumbent Paul Kolody chose not to seek re-election for that seat.

County positions

Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz, Sheriff Robert Wolfe and Treasurer Kevin Gilroy, who are all Republicans, faced no opposition in the primary.

Matulewicz won 7,308 votes as a Republican and 262 write-in votes from Democrats.

Wolfe captured 7,666 votes as a Republican and tallied 241 write-in votes from Democrats. Gilroy collected 6,798 votes as a Republican and obtained 12 write-in votes from Democrats.

Matulewicz and Wolfe earned double nominations because they tallied 100 or more write-in votes. Gilroy only won on the Republican ticket because he obtained fewer than 100 write-in votes.

Voter turnout in Tuesday’s primary election was 27%.

All vote totals are unofficial until the final count is completed Tuesday.

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