Local author KristaLyn A. Vetovich will conduct a book signing Saturday during the Heritage Festival.

SHAMOKIN — Local author KristaLyn A. Vetovich will be on hand at the Heritage Festival Saturday to sign and talk about her work, including her latest book "Strayed: A Shifted Series Novella."

Vetovich, 29, recently released "Strayed," which she said is the first of four books in the "Shifted Series." The book serves as a prequel that introduces a series of politics of heaven and the end of the world from a spirit guard's perspective.

The book took Vetovich about a month to write and she also has the second and part of the third written.

Vetovich's next release is called "Driven Fearless," a non-fiction volume about conquering anxiety after an accident. The pre-sale for the book on Amazon certified her as a best-selling author.

The book signing came about thanks to her dad, Sam Vetovich, who she said is passionate and supportive of her writing. She participates in the festival every year and this year was given the opportunity to share space with Heritage Restaurant, Market and Arch streets.

Vetovich said selling books online is great, but "nothing beats being able to talk to someone face-to-face and share your excitement about the stories and see their excitement," which she said is a blessing to her. The connection between her work and the readers is incredibly important to Vetovich.

Her complete collection of eight books will be available during the festival, and Vetovich said she's ready to talk to people about her passion in writing.

"If you are interested and if anything looks curious, don't hesitate to talk to me because I'm dying to talk to you just as much," she said.

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