TREVORTON ROAD — A longtime eyesore along Trevorton Road in Zerbe Township was finally razed Thursday morning, but it came at the expense of a neighboring couple who purchased the property in October.

“It’s a great day,” rejoiced Sharon (Breining) Styer as she, her mother Gertrude “Cookie” Breining and sister-in-law Beth Breining watched the demolition of a dilapidated structure at 522 Trevorton Road from the living room of Gertrude Breining’s residence at 131 Snyder Road.

While the Breining and Styer families and their neighbors were happy to see the property finally torn down, Sharon Styer pointed out, “The sad part is that I had to buy it to get rid of it.”

Styer said her family had complained to Zerbe Township supervisors for many years about the condition of the property, but claimed their complaints fell on deaf ears as no action was ever taken to raze the building.

Zerbe Township supervisors previously said the township did not have the money to purchase or raze the building.

Styer and her husband, Kevin Styer, who live next door to Sharon’s mother, took matters into their own hands by purchasing the approximate one-acre property Oct. 1 for $15,000 through Danielle Kapushinski, executor of the Kolody family estate that owned the property for many years.

The Styers then hired a relative, Kevin Wormald, owner-operator of K.W. Hauling, of Paxinos, to demolish the run-down, two-story house.

Wormald and his employee, John Matejick, began demolition work Thursday morning and expect to be at the site for a couple days until all the debris is cleaned up.

Styer’s mother, who grew up next to the Trevorton Road property when it was a bar room owned by Charlie and Hazel Ross, said nobody has lived in the house for many years. She said the property has been an eyesore for more than 40 years.

In addition to being dilapidated, Styer said the property attracted many rodents, cats and other animals over the years.

“I am so happy,” commented Gertrude Breining. “I never thought I would be here when that building came down.”

Styer said she presented her mother with a deed to the Trevorton Road property on her 90th birthday on Oct. 6.

Beth Breining and her husband, David, reside at 121 Snyder Road, while other relatives live nearby on a hill that overlooks Trevorton Road that family members refer to as the “Breining Complex.”

Gertrude Breining thanked her daughter and other family members for their persistence in having the property demolished.

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