COAL TOWNSHIP — Approximately 30 relatives and friends of Matthew Hoy turned out Saturday afternoon at the Bunker Hill Sports Complex to remember the popular young Shamokin man whose life was tragically cut short in a car fire 25 years ago that many believe to be an unsolved murder.

The day of remembrance was organized by Matthew’s older brother, Brian “Bud” Hoy, of West Cameron Township.

“We wanted to keep Matt’s memory alive by having this get together,” said Hoy. “Matt was very well liked and a good guy. It’s important to remember his life, which was tragically too short.”

Hoy said he’s hopeful his brother’s alleged murder will be solved some day, but said that’s something he and his family can’t control.

“If it happens, that’s great, but I’m focused on memorializing and celebrating Matt’s life rather than talking about who may have killed him,” he said.

After greeting relatives and friends in a parking area outside the left field fence at the Glenn Parks Memorial Field, Hoy and approximately 15 others walked to a memorial cross in a wooded area about 20 yards behind the ballfield, where Matt’s charred body was found in a vehicle on the morning of May 7, 1994.

Hoy said a few words in remembrance of his brother and then asked the group to raise their drinks in honor of his sibling, their cousin and good friend.

Although they declined to be interviewed, many of Matt’s friends talked to each other about his brief life and the mystery surrounding his death, with all of them convinced that he was murdered in the fire.

One of Matt’s friends, Dave Deitrick, of Ranshaw, probably best summed up the feelings of the group by stating, “May 7, 1994, was a bad day for Bunker Hill.”

The group then went back to the parking area to enjoy some beverages and snacks and share more memories of Matt.

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