Mount Carmel Area Public Library

Mount Carmel Area Public Library February memorials.

Birthday memorials

Joseph Guzevich Jr. from sister, Irene Casari.

In memory of

Frank J. Alba from Rose and Jose Gonzalo; the Kanezo family; Joe and Millie McDonnell; and Mary M. Rudisill.

Bill Beaver from Albert Green.

Brock Bridy from David Berezovske; Liz, Bob, and Paula Newhook; Paula and Gloria; Cindy Saukaitis; and Maria Scicchitano.

Richard C. DiRienzo from Joe and Millie McDonnell; Fritz and Eleanor O’Hearn; Agnes and Cindy Saukaitis.

Chester Gard from the Bishop L.F. Schott Assembly.

Ellsworth M. George from Rose and Jose Gonzalo; Albert Green; and the Mount Carmel Cemetery Co.

Elda Haupt from Albert Green.

Marion Herb from Jim Darrup.

Thomas Hertzog from Rich Zinda.

Charlotte Johnson from Kevin and Gail Clark; and the Meredith family.

Patricia Kautter from Christine McLaughlin.

Susan Kerris from Ted and Deb Gownley.

Ester M. Klacik from Robert Colahan.

Rose A. (Barletta) Kuznicki from Jim and Betty Jean Bush; Karen and Ann Gard; Marguerite Hubler; Sylvia Kapushinski; Cos and Cheryl Manzo; Mary M. Rudisill; Dennis and Marg Scicchitano; and Rich Zinda.

William J. Lindenmuth from Margaret Lutz and Michael Bradley; Mount Carmel Public Library board members.

Deacon Martin P. McCarthy from David Berezovske; Mr. and Mrs. William Cole; Ron and Marcy Corona; Jim Darrup; Rose and Jose Gonzalo; Dennis and Mary Molesevich; and Fritz and Eleanor O’Hearn.

Donna McFadden from Velvet and Paul Vincenzes.

Raymond P. O’Neill from Jake and Judy Betz; and Margaret (Betz) Lutz and sons.

Martha Pizzoli from Sylvia Kapushinski; Jack Pizzoli; and Cindy Saukaitis.

Dolores “Dolly” Reiner from Bob and Mona; David Berezovske; and Aldo Mirarchi.

Kathryn Roney from Marilyn Kanezo; and Mary P. Quinn.

Thomas Joseph Serovich from Irene Casari; Mr. and Mrs. William Cole; Bill and Helen Danisevich; Albert Green; Tom and Tommy Pivarnik and family; and David and Anne Pizzoli.

Rosemarie Skocik from Isabell Amarose; Ron and Theresa Coleman; Albert Green; the Kanezo family; Mount Carmel VFW Post No. 2110 Aux.

Mrs. Anne M. Steffanick from Tom and Tommy Pivarnik and family.

Thomas J. “Tom” Thompson from Rose and Jose Gonzalo; and Melanie Wengrenovich.

Patricia M. “Pat” Tomedi from Bill Augustine; John and Sheila Bartol; Mary C. Buhay; Tom and Shirley Klemas; Ronald Kuhns; Dennis and Mary Molesevich; Leonard Smelter and Irene Smelter; and Angelo J. Tomedi and family- Angelo, Peggy, Laura, Liz, Lily and Michael.

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