Saint Pauline Center, Kulmont

Memorials and special intentions

Andrew C. Kline from Michael and Rosalie Ziegler and family.

Michael F. Kruleski Jr. from Michael and Rosalie Ziegler and family.

Theresa F. Matzura from Michael and Rosalie Ziegler and family.

Rose Marie Zawalick from Michael and Rosalie Ziegler and family.

Elizabeth C. Katona from Michael and Rosalie Ziegler and family and Richard and Joan Sassasni.

David A. Clayberger from Michael and Rosalie Ziegler and family.

Chester M. Gard from Rosemary Shervanick, Gurdial and Susan Singh, Gerry and Marty Zarkosk and Richard and Joan Sassasni.

Victor Mirarchi from Gerry and Marty Zarkoski and Bob Greco and family.

Robert Kerris from Connie Wenrich and Dave.

Eileen McFadden from Connie Wenrich and Dave.

Viola Pinoamonti from Connie Wenrich and Dave.

Alma S. Coroniti from Connie Wenrich and Dave, Alice and Rose Kuznicki, Nick and Shirley Gard, Rick and Deb Perles and family, Bob Greco and family, Attorney Edward Greco, Michelle and Guido Varano, Vince Guarna and Colleen Fessler, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Greco, Corinne Klose, Dolores Honecker and Rosemary Karycki, Mary Louise Menko, Loretta and Angelo Toter, Cathy Lacroce, Kathleen Smith, Jack Laukaitis, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Loeper, Leocadia Spock, Casper J. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fairweather, Jim and Deb Klassen, Lawad Brian, Nocola and Mike, Patricia Feese, Gerry and Marty Zarkoski, Roseann Varano and family, Dolores Honnicker, Rosemary Karychi, Jack Laukaitis, Gerry and Marty Zarkoski, Mr. and Mrs. James Wasokowski, Joanne Chesney, Robert and Danielle Arcay, Mary Ann and Bill Faust, Mary Theresa and Ray Hornberger, Ann Marie Mc Bride, Kathy and Henry Hynoski, Gerry and Pat Gaffney, Christine Coakley, Merilyn Connell, Denise and John Denesevich and family, Rose Marie Zawalick, Paula E. Davis, Louise C. Koveleski, Matt and Lynne Turner, Rich and Cettie Jansen, Connie Sassani Crosker and Rich Zinda.

Tom Bogovich from Steve and Cheryl Latorre and Angie Gaffney.

Albert J. Kase from Nick and Shirley Gard and the Rosary Group

Joseph E. Yancheski from Tony and Cynthia Bressi, Bob Greco and family and Richard and Joan Sassani.

Theresa F. Varano from Nick and Shirley Gard, Richard and Joan Sassani

Patty Gluchowski Brennan from Gerry and Marty Zarkoski, Nick and Shirley Gard, Rose and Alice Kuznicki, Richard and Joan Sassani, Bob Greco, Attorney Edward Greco, Richard and Deb Perles and Jack Laukaitis.

Anthony Bressi from Bob Greco and family, Rick and Deb Perles and family and Attorney Edward Greco.

Margaret May Michelle and Guido Varano.

Special Diabetic intentions

Joseph Muramatsu, Mr. and Mrs. John Casey, Stanley Solinski, Ms. Jessica Schewe, Dominic Calzaeretto, Aunora Pumares, Joseph Cappola, Pauline Johnson, Mrs. Ana Abad, James McFadden, Dagma Daniels, Maria Garcia, Craig Staples, Mary Lynn McGuinness and Charles Davis.

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