SUNBURY — National Beef in Hummels Wharf has partnered with the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way to provide $100,000 in grant funds to local nonprofit agencies and school districts.

These funds will go toward community COVID-19 response efforts to support basic needs, childcare, access to technology and out-of-school enrichment programs.

The United Way said National Beef recognizes that “education for all” is fundamental to the strength of a community. Due to the challenges caused by COVID-19 for students and rural internet service access, the company will allocate funds towards WiFi-enabled hotspots in five school districts in the Susquehanna Valley.

Because of the ongoing threat of COVID-19, districts across the region report there is a high likelihood the 2020-21 school year will consist of hybrid instruction, partially-remote and partially-traditional schooling, the United Way said.

“The company’s support of technological infrastructure will enable students to participate in remote learning, fostering educational opportunities for community students,” the United Way said.

National Beef has also allocated financial support to several local nonprofits that are providing COVID-19 basic needs, such as food, childcare to support working families and enrichment of out-of-school programs, especially for teens who demonstrate financial or behavioral needs.

Micah Miner, general manager for National Beef, said the agencies provide services that are “critical to the COVID-19 relief and recovery effort.”

“We are committed to helping them protect and support our community,” he added.

Organizations benefiting from National Beef funds include the Greater Susquehanna Valley YMCA, the Middlecreek Area Community Center, Concerned Citizens for Childcare, Summit Early Learning, The REC in Selinsgrove, TIME for Teens and the Donald Heiter Community Center.

Additionally, school districts that are supported through this funding include Midd-West, Selinsgrove, Shikellamy and Milton school districts, and SUN Area Technical Institute.

“We are so glad to be partnering with National Beef to bring these much-needed resources to organizations in our area that are making a great difference in their responses to COVID-19,” Joanne Troutman, president and CEO of the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way, commented. “We are grateful for all the support that we have received as a community from National Beef.”

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