LEWISBURG — Dr. Fred Teichman continued on the witness stand Thursday afternoon in Union County Court.

Teichman, a plaintiff in a $250,000 suit against Evangelical Community Hospital, claimed the hospital’s summary suspension of his practice in 2012 was unjust. Reinstatement of his practice, Central Penn Women’s Health Inc., was also sought.

Teichman faced cross-examination by Carol Steinour Young, an attorney based in Harrisburg.

The defense addressed claims made by the obstetrician/gynecologist in earlier testimony that his treatment of patients was reasonable and within bounds of protocol. Allegations of shortcomings in communication with staff regarding patient conditions were also raised by the defense.

Steinour Young asked Teichman if he had ever been kicked off a case by a patient. He replied he could not recall if a patient had made such a decision in the middle of therapy, and maintained the doctor/patient relationship was special.

Steinour Young also produced a letter addressed to Teichman from Dr. Lawrence Ginsberg, now-retired vice president of medical affairs for Evangelical. It was dated about two weeks after Teichman’s summary suspension. The letter acknowledged concerns some members of the hospital staff had for Teichman regarding multiple issues. Those concerns were apparently shared by Ginsberg, then vice president of medical affairs for Evangelical. They included health and professional difficulties they believed Teichman faced.

Ginsberg offered Teichman help to get through what he described as “a difficult time,” and asked him to get in touch. Steinour Young observed that the letter, dated June 20, 2012, was mostly friendly in tone and signed “Larry.”

Steinour Young asked Teichman to clarify why he did not contact Ginsberg. His reply was that he thought the level of care he provided patients was acceptable. Teichman also said he interpreted the letter as an insult, specifically the offer of help.

Teichman was the first witness in the trial which is expected to continue for much of the month before Union County Judge William H. Sholley. A jury of eight women and four men was selected in July to hear the civil case. Ginsberg, Dr. Christopher Motto, Dr. Maria Fullana-Jornet, Dr. Christopher Olson and Michael O’Keefe, now retired CEO, were named co-defendants.

Court officials announced that proceedings will be scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. daily starting today. Proceedings will take Monday off, to resume on Tuesday.

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