MOUNT CARMEL — Four Democratic candidates are vying for three seats available on Mount Carmel Borough Council in Tuesday's primary election.

Leroy Chico Moser, Robert Barrett and Charmagne Cimino are running for re-election, while Gregory Berezovke Sr. is hoping to bring some fresh ideas to the council.

Expressing a desire to become more involved within the community, Berezovske previously ran for council and mayor of Mount Carmel. He is a lifelong resident of Mount Carmel, apart from his time in the military, and has been a volunteer firefighter in the borough and Mount Carmel Township for 25 years.

At 43, he said he's a little younger than most of the current councilmembers and can bring new, fresh ideas to the table.

His goal as a councilman would be to keep taxes down as the borough begins construction of its new council building, as well as bring more recreation into the borough for youth.

"I'm there for the younger generation because I have children and I know there's nothing to do until the pool opens up in the summertime. I'm excited to bring new ideas to the table and help the community in any way I can," he said.

Berezovske describes himself as a "people person" who wants to hear input from the residents that could benefit the community.

With 20 years on council under his belt, Moser is hoping to be elected to another term of four years. He said several projects are going on within the borough and he'd like to see them through, including the continued fight against blight, for which he said the borough has put monies aside.

Of the projects he voted on that he's proudest of, Moser named the creek flooding project and the reopening of the swimming pool in summer 2018. He said council made the creek project one of its top priorities, going through a lot of red tape until securing the funds needed.

Just as he was when he first ran 20 years ago, Moser said he's dedicated to the children, youth and elderly. For the youth, he's worked to bring recreation into the borough including football, soccer and baseball fields.

Moser said he strives to keep taxes low and will always vote in support of a full-time police department. He remains accessible and devoted to the community: "If anybody calls me, I try to talk to them and straighten the problems out for them."

Also dedicated to wanting to see projects through is Barrett, who is running for his fourth term on council. Barrett said he was proud to be a part of the creek project, which has helped prevent flooding of many residents' homes.

He also has been part of the new building project on Seventh Street and taken votes in support of the new borough building that will house the police department and all borough offices.

A member of the street committee, Barrett said he's also seen through the paving of numerous streets and there are plans to continue with the progress as well as continue headway in the fight against blight.

Barrett said he's committed to making the town look better through the paving of streets and demolition of blighted properties.

He also intends to continue keeping residents safe by supporting the Mount Carmel Borough Police Department and is proud to see the officers in action around the borough.

During her first term on council, Cimino said she's brought a new way of looking at things separate from other council members. With her husband, Philip "Bing" Cimino, as mayor, she said she's seen many of the struggles he's dealt with and was able to approach council with a different outlook.

She's hoping to be elected for a second term because there are numerous projects she wants to see through to completion, such as the construction of veterans' housing and the new borough hall as well as the cleaning up and sodding of the Market Street hill.

One of her achievements she's proudest of is a partnership with the Red Cross to install smoke detectors throughout the borough. The third free smoke detector installation was held recently, and the fourth will be held next spring and bring the total to over 1,000 installed throughout the borough.

Cimino also served on the borough's recreation committe, was a member of the Mount Carmel Recreation Committee (MCRC) and is proud of the work accomplished to re-open the Mount Carmel Area Pool last year. She said she looks forward to seeing another successful season when it opens again in the summer.

With 40 years spent as a nurse, Cimino said she's learned to be a good listener and to respect everybody.

"If you give back to the community, if you give of yourself and put forward the best you can, then you will see all the rewards of your labors," she said.

She asks for voters to review all the candidates and make the best decision possible on Tuesday.

Running uncontested on the Republican ticket is Jack Spade, who is a member of the Mount Carmel Recreation Committee, which was the driving force behind re-opening the Mount Carmel Community Pool in 2018.

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