SUNBURY — The Northumberland County Prison Board met Wednesday morning for its monthly meeting.

A status report of the new Northumberland County Prison construction was provided. According to Commissioner and Prison Board Vice Chairman Sam Schiccatano, construction of the new prison complex remains on schedule to be completed by the end of this month.

“We’ve been informed that the only item which will be delayed are the prefabricated electronic gates which are on special order form a company in New York. However, that is not anticipated to change our target date for opening the new correctional facility and we’ve told the contractors that as long as the prison construction itself is completed by the end of this month, they’ll be fine,” said Schiccatano.

Last month, when Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel toured the construction site at the new facility, he offered a few recommendations which included the installation of protective cages above shower stalls. A few staffing recommendations were also made, and it was determined that those would be discussed with the warden at a later date.

In another matter, Commissioner Richard Shoch stated that an individual who recently attempted to access the prison construction site without written or verbal permission was questioned and subsequently removed from the area.

Prior to the prison board meeting, an executive session was held for approximately 20 minutes.

In other county business, Schiccatano stated he wanted to make it clear that a decision to acquire an existing property located at 45 Locust St. in Milton at a cost of $130,000 for relocation of District Magistrate Michael Diehl’s office will result in an estimated savings of nearly $500,000 for Northumberland County taxpayers.

“We received several proposals for long-term monthly rental agreements through 2032 from a local property investment firm in Milton that would have cost the county over $600,000 in total rental fees and at the end of the day we still wouldn’t even take possession of the new property,” he said.

(Updated July 12 to correct an error.)

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