ELYSBURG — Ralpho Township supervisors were heavily praised by Barry Yorwarth, of 409 Romanoski Lane, for their aid in curbing a problem he said he’s had for 50 years.

“Thank you all, that’s all I can say. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” said an elated Yorwarth, who had expressed concern at recent meetings over a runoff issue from an adjacent property that impacted the field on his property.

Supervisor Blaine Madara Sr. said he and the other supervisors understood Yorwarth’s issue. They, along with the Ralpho Township Street Department, brought forth the issue to Yorwarth’s neighbor, who was receptive to working toward fixing the issue, which has been sorted out.

The township received a letter from Kathy Hoopengardner, of 154 Penn Ave., regarding her concerns with excessive speeding within the township. Madara and the supervisors agreed it was important to address and would work with Ralpho Township Police Chief Stu Appel to keep abreast of the issue.

“We’re all on board with getting speeding down around the township,” said Madara.

The supervisors unanimously passed a motion 5-0 to extend the deadline for Horizon Drive road improvements being done by Sikora Brothers Paving, due to drainage boxes being delayed. It was deemed fair, given that there was a delayed start out of the contractor’s hands to have a delayed finish to the project. The storm drainage system will improve runoff issues on Horizon Drive that have been present for more than a decade.

“I have nothing but praise for the work being done by the contractors,” said Madara.

Approval was granted by a 5-0 vote to make improvements to three slides at the Ralpho Township Playground by ordering new parts. A part for a slide costing $524 and a pair of parts for “Fun Center Slides” at the playground, totaling $1,766, will be purchased to keep the slides updated and safe without having to purchase an entire new apparatus.

Supervisor Steven Major made note that the playground is 18 years old, which was surprising to him. He suggested the board set aside a bit of each year’s budget toward the playground for any potential upkeep on rides when need be, which was met with affirmation.

The board approved by a 5-0 vote installation of a camera in the gym area of the Ralpho Township Municipal Building by Vector Security at a cost of $585. The camera is already owned by the township and it was agreed upon by supervisors to be a good idea to install it for further security of the building.

The board agreed to hold off on making a decision regarding roof work at the municipal building until it finalizes quotes from Hahner Brothers Roofing, of Pottsville, and Budget Renovations and Roofing, of Shamokin.

However, the work is needed. As Madara noted, “it’s an apple we have to bite.”

In other business, the board approved the Brook Manor homeowners association’s use of the municipal building’s meeting room at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 18.

They also approved, by a 4-1 vote, a request from Marian Williams to use the back parking lot at the municipal building to park 15 to 18 cars from Oct. 14-18. Supervisor Dan Williams abstained.

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