ELYSBURG — The Ralpho Township Board of Supervisors approved Tuesday more than $314,000 worth of bids for projects intended to improve township streets.

Supervisors unanimously approved at their regular meeting low bids to pave three streets, tar and chip two others and make various improvements to Horizon Drive, which has experienced runoff issues for more than 10 years.

Supervisors opened four bids that included a base bid for paving Somerset Avenue, Alpha Avenue and Hickory Street and an alternate bid to pave an area near the Elysburg Playground.

The base bids ranged from $60,230 to $77,790; the alternative bids ranged from $56,465 to $77,375.

After some discussion whether to accept one or both bids, supervisors approved the combined low bid of $118,440 ($61,975 and $56,465) from New Enterprise Stone and Lime Co.

Supervisors noted that the township will be reimbursed approximately 75 percent of the base bid ($46,481) from the Municipal Authority of Ralpho Township due to upcoming sewer line work.

In a separate bid request, supervisors approved a low bid of $60,522.08 from Hammaker East LTD to tar and chip Jepko Road and Romanoski Lane. The other bid was $66,512.32 submitted by Midland Asphalt Materials Inc.

The township received six bids for Horizon Drive improvements, including storm sewer installation, upgrades to drainage, and pavement and shoulder restoration. Supervisors approved the low bid of $135,877.50 from Sikora Brothers Paving.

The project is intended to eliminate excessive water runoff that has affected yards for more than 10 years. Township officials previously said that some yards get overtaken by stone, debris and runoff because storm water boxes were not installed in the area.

During citizen comments, supervisors approved a request from Scenic Drive resident Rick Roughton to have the township install a sign instructed motorists to slow down.

He informed supervisors vehicles often travel at speeds around 40 mph and that residents are concerned someone may get hit. He said Ralpho Township police officers patrol the area, but cannot be there at all times.

In other business, supervisors discussed a variety of topics, including the status of several dilapidated properties in sheriff’s and tax sales, and possible changes to a road cutting ordinance to alleviate “rough” driving conditions during utility work.

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That's great but when are they going to fix the main intersection traffic lights? It's such a dangerous intersection!

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