Library patron closeup

Closeup view of a library patron working with an electronic device inside the Shamokin-Coal Township Public Library.

SHAMOKIN — Libraries have long been institutions of learning with the ability to adapt to changing times and cultures. They have served as repositories of recorded history, as well as places of quiet learning. They have endured world wars and triumphed over those who would seek to suppress knowledge.

Now comes the latest and perhaps greatest challenge to the future of school and public libraries. In this so-called “electronic age” of internet-accessible smartphones and personal computers, the reasons for coming to the library have changed. However, libraries still remain a viable community resource of public knowledge, offering special activities and events, in addition to being quiet places of reading, study and learning.

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I love the Shamokin Library. Its my go to for everything. They always have programs for children and people coming in with different programs. Its so sad that the Shamokin School district does not value their library. What a resource they are going to lose. There is something to be said just about learning and using a library even in this electronic age. It makes pathways in the brain you cant get from Fort Nite. There can be both. And its true you cannot believe everything you google. You miss out an individual learning experience without the skills to use a library. In this day and age to have your child be able to go to a place where they can focus and just expand their minds , is so needed. I think its the beginning of the end when you cant even afford a full time Librarian. Get money for this or that, we don't need anyone in the library! Shame on you!

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