TREVORTON — There wasn’t an empty seat to be found at Monday evening’s Zerbe Township supervisors meeting as residents packed into the small meeting room inside the township’s municipal building. The citizens expressed their frustrations with a number of issues, including filthy conditions, noise, off-roaders driving dangerously on area streets and localized flooding.

Blocked drain

Margaret Lahr, of 1005 Mahanoy St., showed a photograph of a flooded area near her home and asked the board what can be done about it.

“We have a problem with a blocked drainage pipe, which has caused extensive flooding in our neighborhood near 10th and Mahanoy streets. It needs to be reopened,” Lahr said.

“We’ll do the best we can to get somebody down there, but the problem is that everybody’s backed up due to the excessive rainfall and debris that’s been washed away into many of these drains,” said Mike Schwartz, board president. “It’s a problem everywhere, and we’re doing the best we can.”

Farm in the making

Tina Schaffner, of 321 E. Coal St., voiced her concerns over the impact that a neighboring property owner is having upon her home and salon business.

“The home that was recently sold behind us has a lot of farm animals that are getting out of control,” she said. “They have chicken wire, pallets and car bumpers laying around. I’m going to play for you what we have to listen to all night. The noise is insane.”

With that, Schaffner held up her iPhone and played an audio recording of bleating goats. In addition to the sounds, Schaffner said the smell is terrible, and dogs owned by the property owner have recently barked and growled in a threatening manner at her customers.

“We can check with our zoning officer to see if there are any violations there,” solicitor Roger Weist said. “If the dogs get out and come near your property in a threatening manner, you should call the police. You may also want to consider filing a private nuisance complaint.”

Off-roading on streets

Tara Kluge, of 1000 Market St., addressed the board about a group of off-roaders that she claims are riding ATVs and dirt bikes dangerously on area streets on a regular basis.

“I assume you’ve seen the parade of ATVs and mountain bikes recently? I can’t even have my windows open anymore because it’s all I hear. Almost every afternoon near the railroad tracks between 9th and 11th streets they’re turning that area into a race track,” Kluge said.

She said the riders recklessly shoot across 10th Street and she’s worried about the possibility of an accident. Kluge also said the riders are disrespectful.

“Last year, a kid gave me the finger and kept right on going,” she said.

Supervisor Mike Mazer advised Kluge to call 911 and report any incidents to the police, while also recording them on video as evidence.

“We may want to consider calling a meeting of local ATV owners,” Schwartz said.

But Zerbe Township Police Chief Michael Kreischer said the last group of riders cited came from Stroudsburg.

Resurfacing Route 225

Ken Mowers, an employee with Suit-Kote, told the board his company plans to perform resurfacing work along Route 225 from Seventh Street to about a half mile past the Sunoco station. The work is set to begin the week of June 24.

“We can’t have any parking along the roadway during the project,” Mowers said. “If everything goes well, it should take about four days to complete, weather permitting.

Mowers also suggested setting up a detour.

Water runoff solutions

Schwartz said he and fellow Supervisor Jerry Bulchie reviewed storm water runoff issues along Schwartz Hill Road and Mountain Street last week. The board then informed the public of its corrective plan of action.

“Last Thursday, we began lining the ditch to prepare for the pouring of a concrete base on the left side of Schwartz Hill Road,” Bulchie said.

Another part of the plan is to minimize water runoff from Mountain Street.

“We want to install new, larger drainage pipe up there in that area,” Bulchie added.

The board also noted that if drainage work needs to be performed on private property, an easement agreement will first have to be made with the property owner.

Noise ordinance reminder

For the upcoming 4th of July holiday,

The board also reminded residents celebrating the July 4 holiday to comply with a new noise ordinance that prohibits noises above 70 decibels.

Parking permit ordinance

The supervisors agreed to have the solicitor prepare a new parking permit ordinance, which will allow business and building owners to apply for annual parking permits for their normal business hours.

The cost of the permits will be $200 per parking spot, with a maximum of two spots allowed per business or building owner, plus the costs and installation of the permit signs. Annual fees will be billed on Jan. 2 and payments shall be due Jan. 30 annually. The permitted parking areas may not exceed the length of the business or building.

Road repair estimates

The board approved the review of 13 road projects for repair work, of which seven will be selected at a cost not to exceed $80,000. The repair work will include the sealing of all cracks, leveling, application of a scratch course, a double layer of tar and chip seal.

Flag retirement ceremony

The Woodmen Life insurance company will conduct a flag retirement ceremony at 5:30 p.m. today at the Veterans Memorial. All township supervisors indicated they will attend the public ceremony.

Summer concert series

The Trevorton Community Park Summer Concert Series, sponsored by the Zerbe Township Recreation Committee, will continue on Thursday with the band Lite Switch performing. All concerts are from 7 to 9 p.m., and the public must bring lawn chairs.

Summer movie nights

The township recreation committee and Line Mountain Elementary PTO are co-sponsoring three summer movie nights at the community park. This Friday, “Smallfoot” will be shown. On July 12, the film will be “How to Train Your Dragon III” and on Aug. 16, “Wonderpark” will be shown.

Police report

Kreischer reported 107 calls and 723 patrol miles were logged for police business during the month of May.

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