COAL TOWNSHIP — The Shamokin-Coal Township Joint Sewer Authority board at its meeting Thursday night discussed the need for development and installation of a new emergency backup system as the result of recent flooding.

The flooding occurred in the early morning hours of July 23, causing the swelling of Shamokin Creek near the facility.

The rising water restricted the treated outbound (effluent) flow, which resulted in the backing up of water into the ultra-violet (UV) disinfection building. The flooding damaged electronic transformers and UV pods, both of which are now under repair.

Craig Zack, engineer with KPI Technologies, was present at the meeting and spoke of how his company is working with the authority on the issue.

“I’m helping them reconstruct the effluent pumping system, which will deal with the handling of outflow in the event that flooding should occur again,” said Zack.

Paul Petrovich, general manager of facility operations, stressed that it was the excessive rate of rainfall that caused the latest problem with the system.

“The amount of rainfall we received during the latest incident was the problem. We want to design a new emergency backup system. I want to personally thank the Ralpho, Elysburg and Stonington fire departments for all their efforts in helping us immediately at the time of the latest flooding,” he said.

Petrovich also said the authority is looking to obtain a PEMA/FEMA pre-mitigation grant, and that the total cost of the project was estimated at $750,000 pre-application.

In other business, Petrovich said that, as of the end of July, 417 customer accounts were marked for termination and 93 had already been closed. He also informed the group of the need to install new emergency pumps in the facility’s wet well.

Also, the board held a brief closed-door executive session to discuss the matter of creating and filling a new uptown construction/combined-sewer overflow position.

David Kopitsky Jr., treasurer, noted that revenues for July totaled $490,983.92, while operating expenditures for the same period were $226,205.92.

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