SHAMOKIN — Judy Surak has announced that she is running for a seat on Shamokin City Council as a write-in candidate in Tuesday’s primary election.

“After some serious thought, I have decided to become a write-in candidate for Shamokin City Council and would appreciate your consideration to vote for me in the primary election on Tuesday,” she said.

She has been active with a group called ARP – Anthracite Region for Progress — since April 2018.

“Through the efforts of this group and others in Shamokin, I see an excitement and energy that I haven’t seen in a long time to make our town a better place to live and work. People are motivated, have great ideas and actually researching resources to make it happen, including myself.”

Surak, a city resident, said she’s not politically connected, but has a genuine interest in seeing the city work towards the best it can be in the near future and in the long term.

“I believe that candidates should be elected based on what they can bring to the office and not on whom they know,” Surak said. “My background is so varied. I have been working since third grade up to the present time with no time off, from being one of the first paper girls of the Shamokin News-Dispatch to all kinds of part time and summer employment to earn my way through college.”

Surak’s employment career has consisted of teaching, serving as a bilingual caseworker and an employment and training caseworker for the Department of Public Welfare, and serving as the first female corrections counselor at SCI-Coal Township.

She also has been a unit manager at SCI-Coal Township, a drug and alcohol counselor and adjunct instructor for the state Department of Corrections at a training academy in Elizabethtown.

She is the coordinator of the religious education program at Mother Cabrini Parish in Shamokin and performs some job specific data entry. She also is involved in numerous volunteer projects at her parish.

“Because of my strong work ethic, one of my goals is to see our city strive to attract employment opportunities so the young people living here can become productive citizens. Another goal would be to get a handle on the blight in our area, including cleaning up the downtown area. I have many more ideas too numerous to mention that can be accomplished one step at a time. I am hoping that you give me the chance to serve and work for all of you.”

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