Summer Dickson

Summer J. Dickson, 18, of 812 E. Dewart St., Shamokin, turned herself in to city police Saturday after being wanted on a charge of attempted murder and other felonies. Dickson was denied bail during her arraignment and placed in Northumberland County Jail.

SHAMOKIN — Summer J. Dickson, 18, of 812 E. Dewart St., Shamokin, turned herself in Saturday afternoon to Shamokin police after being charged last week with attempted murder for her alleged role in a March 30 stabbing on South Fifth Street in the city.

Dickson is accused of stabbing Zolange Otero-Rivera in the neck and face area during a melee that involved upwards of 20 people. Otero-Rivera, who was transported to the hospital shortly after the altercation, has since been discharged from the hospital.

Magisterial District Judge John Gembic arraigned Dickson at the Shamokin Police Department and denied her bail after she reached out to authorities through 911 from the parking lot of the station and stated her intentions of surrendering.

Gembic remanded Dickson to the Northumberland County Jail after hearing arguments from Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Matulewicz, who asked the judge to deny bail.

Matulewicz previously referred to the March melee as “gangland violence in the City of Shamokin,” and also argued for high bail against the three previous suspects who had turned themselves in — Judith P. Tinsley, 48, of 812 E. Dewart St., Shamokin; Tyasia Braggs, 18, of 1517 W. Walnut St., Coal Township; and Devon Franklin Fleming, 25, of 812 E. Dewart St., Shamokin. All three have been charged with rioting with intent to commit a felony, simple assault and two counts of disorderly conduct.

Two suspects remain wanted in relation to the incident — Denarii Kadeem Springs, 20, of 262 11th St., Northumberland and David Alexander Mojica, 22, of 836 W. Railroad St., Trevorton.

Dickson’s charges were the most severe in relation to the incident, with the attempted murder charge alone carrying a minimum of six years in prison up to 40 years if convicted. Mateluwicz said a preliminary check on Dickson’s criminal record returned no results prior to April.

“Being charged with attempted murder, which has an extremely lengthy prison sentence behind it, increases the likelihood of flight,” he said. “Also, when the charges were filed she was not at her home so those two factors led me to argue for no bail.”

Mateluwicz said he had no information he could share with the public regarding the two fugitives who have yet to surrender to police.

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This is exactly why we need a wall on the southern border. Look at the problems in Europe with immigration overflowing Germany, the UK, and many more countries. Crime rates are skyrocketing. Illegal aliens are illegal period. Immigrants must take the same steps past generations did. There are many millions of illegal aliens throughout our Country who are voting and receiving benefits. This is destroying our Country along with Fake News, biased social media and bad educators teaching our children to hate conservatives while promoting socialism. If you think this is bad just wait as you ain't seen nothing yet.


Thank ur local realtor for all the out of town trash


I am sorry people got hurt. Good bless the victims, past and future. I struggle with this a bit, but is it better to let homes decay and fall in on themselves vacant or have a people or families move from a different city or country, like our grandparents or parents, and did take over cheap housing and make their way up the ladder of what's left of the American Dream? Criminals are usually a small percentage of any population, thankfully. I have worked in numerous Coal Region areas in and I am encouraged that people move here, or sometimes back, after successful careers away, and buy, build or rehab properties, to take advantage of the lower costs and the slower pace from the big cities. Yes, unfortunately there will be crime and growing pains in schools, but all in all it may be the only way to save these dying towns. More business for local stores, restaurants, hospitals, Dr.s Offices. and yes Police and social services. Good and Bad, too be sure, no clear cut answers, and no way to stop Social Stratification and migration from happening. Good luck!

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