MANDATA — Line Mountain School District is scheduled to reopen Wednesday, weather permitting, after a last-minute decision was made to close Monday as an investigation into a “swatting” incident continued.

The district closed today due to the predicted snow.

Dozens of police and other first responders descended upon the district’s rural middle/high school Friday afternoon after what was first reported as an “active shooter” incident eventually was found to be a case of a phone hoax about a shooting threat.

District Superintendent Dave Campbell issued a statement on the district’s website Monday afternoon, saying schools would reopen and updating the investigation.

“The State Police investigation is now wrapping up and it is with 100 percent certainty the call first received by the State Police and subsequently received at the high school just after 2 p.m. Friday, Feb. 8, was a computer-generated call,” he wrote.

He said Sunday night’s decision to close Monday “followed a protocol of utmost precaution.”

“The investigation was at a point (Sunday) night where both parties were reasonably sure the swatting incident was a computer-generated ‘robo’ call hoax. However, both parties felt with where the investigation was at the time, there was no guarantee an additional swatting call would not occur on Monday,” Campbell wrote. “Discussion focused on the fact that — whether or not we were reasonably sure an additional call was a hoax or not — similar protocol to Friday afternoon would have to be followed. Therefore, it was determined that in the best interest and safety of our students, staff and the courageous first responders and law enforcement officers to not open today, whereas avoiding any attempt by the guilty to once again create a crisis situation.”

On the website post, Campbell said the district would like to thank the community “for the outpouring of support and prayers throughout this unfortunate situation.” By phone Monday he added, “Again, we want to thank state police for their thoroughness in the investigation.”

Campbell also noted that any personal items were left in rooms throughout the school district’s buildings until the investigation had been completed.

State Police were contacted by phone Friday evening and Monday afternoon for additional comments on the status of the investigation but have not returned the calls or issued a public statement.

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