A letter to our valued readers,

Just as workplaces across the commonwealth, nation, and indeed the world, continue to deal with developments pertaining to coronavirus, we, at The News-Item, have worked on a near hourly basis to ensure our readers continue to receive the most accurate, up-to-date information about the virus, along with other news of the day.

The “normal” routine is no longer normal. We have to adapt, just as everyone has had to learn to adapt.

Beginning next week, The News-Item will shift to a three-day print cycle — Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday — while continuing to offer an e-Edition on a daily basis. Along with that, even more news is available to subscribers through our website at www.newsitem.com

The e-Edition will be published daily, as it is normally. All by-lined news stories, police news, obituaries and more will continue to appear in the print editions — Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Subscribers are entitled to the e-Edition free of charge. Subscribers are entitled to entire stories — many of which do not appear in the print edition — free of charge. Examples include more Associated Press content and more photos.

With everything happening in our state, nation and world today, we are committed to bringing our readers the best in local content. We will continue covering the events such as local sports, community events, municipal and school board meetings — as we always have — when the world gets back to some semblance of “normal.”

Until then, we hope everyone stays healthy, and safe.

Tim Zyla,

Managing editor

Amy Moyer,


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If you already subscribe by mail to the news item how do you get to access the e edition, it keeps telling you to purchase a subscription, how do you go about doing that or is an e edition an extra price. Hope you are doing this during the crisis. Mt Carmel is a great number of senior citizens who look forward to the paper and either don't have a computer or cell phone because they can't afford it or never learned how to use it. I know you have to keep up with the times but you are going to lose an awful lot of people especially if you already pay for a subscription and can't even get in to access the e edition. thank you


If you call the News-Item they can help talk you through the process.


Not that paper is going to be only 3 days a week What about if we payed our subscription ahead of time will it be credited to double the amount of time we payed for since we our only getting it 1/2 the amount of time we payed for ?????? And what about a Sunday paper with the ads and coupons in it ????


Really? Complaining about a couple of bucks while enews will still be reported daily!! SovFORTUNATE to still have ANY local paper! Quit whining paxinosshakey.

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