SUNBURY — District Attorney Tony Matulewicz, in cooperation with Northumberland County Magisterial District Court judges, this week disclosed the names of individuals for whom active arrest or bench warrants have been previously issued.

Many of these cases involve defendants who failed to appear in court, fled the area or were otherwise not located by police officers and constables during previous warrant service attempts, he said.

Matulewicz said approximately 2,000 criminal cases (misdemeanors and felonies) are filed against individuals in Northumberland County each year.

The defendant’s named on this list are being given an opportunity to voluntarily appear before the magisterial district court issuing the warrant. The date of birth (DOB) and last known address (LKA) for these individuals, if known, have been provided. Citizens having information concerning the whereabouts of any of these individuals are encouraged to call the magisterial district court involved.

Active warrant list

Magisterial District Judge Michael Toomey, 570-988-4485

Jacob Adam Beam, 21, of 19280 Doewood Drive, Monument, Colorado; Cagney Donell Davis , 31, of 510 N. Eighth St., Apt 4, Shamokin; Alvin M. Jeffries, 34, of 622 Main St., Mapleton Depot; Marco Tulio Servellon-Alfaro, 32, unknown address; Shanna Nicole Hilfiger, 33, of 60 ½ Queen St., Northumberland; Dina Marie Delorenzo, 49, 712 N. Main St., Scranton; Crystal Straub, 43, unknown address; Bryan Soto Diaz, 23, unknown address; Kayla Belcher, 22, unknown address; Jason Xavior Rivera, 30, unknown address; Eric A. Ingram, 39, 1630 W. Holly St., Coal Township; Victor M. Colon Jr., 36, of 2903 W. Mercury Blvd., Apt 13, Hampton, Virginia; Jay Derl Krumbine, 59, of 25 N. Center St., Sunbury; John R. Harker, 49, of 1006 Chestnut St., Sunbury; Lorena Quintara Smith, 38, unknown address; Matthew D. Osman, 38, of 400 S. Market St., Shamokin; Tyrone Eugene Adam Short, 27, of 63 ½ Catawissa Ave., Sunbury; Michael Joseph Seedor, 31, 1015 W. Shamokin St., Trevorton; Erica J. Cosme, 29, of 1127 W. Linden St., Allentown; Robert Justin Leach, 29, of 13 N. Park St., Milton; Petrina Byers, 33, of 802 S. River Ave., Sunbury; Jeremy James Null, 41, of 1255 Pine Bark Lane, Mifflinburg; Joseph Ernest Battifarano, 75, of 215 Joes Lane, Shamokin; Kurtis Michael Mabus, 28, of 9445 Colonel John Kelly Road, Mifflinburg; Kevin Dean Schreck, 52, of 717 N. Fourth St., Sunbury; Fabius Deos Billingsley, 47, of 17 N. Third St., Sunbury; Austin T. Zechman, 19, unknown address; Nigel Paul Correa, 45, of 251 Eighth St., Northumberland; Michael Anthony Lawrence Jr., 38, of 2638 Second St., Bloomsburg; Jason Rife Schaeffer Jr., 23, of 425 N. Fifth St., Sunbury.

Magisterial District Judge William Cole, 570-339-2140

Mark Edward Savage, 49, of 2987 Mercer St., Philadelphia; Felix Pagan Jr., 46, of 939 N. American St., Philadelphia; Luis Christian Rivera, 30, of 5216 Woodbine Ave., Pennsauken, New Jersey; Jenina M. Zavatski, 26, unknown address; Raheem Loatman, 40, unknown address; Jerome Digiovanni, 48, of 225 W. Fifth St., Mount Carmel; Dennis Joseph Petruskevich, 56, of 631 Washington St., Reading; Raymond Leroy Henderson, 37, unknown address; Donald Edward Shanahan, 46, unknown address; Jennings E. Brown III, 46, of 101 N. Eighth St., Shamokin; Albert Vazquez-Torres, 27, unknown address; Michael Halchin, 44, of 123 S. Third St., Sunbury; Kyla Lynne Fisher, 40, of 233 Park St., Mount Carmel; Judy McGinley, 54, of 100 S. Locust St., Apt 2A, Shiremanstown; Andrea Slatick Startzel, 47, of 35 W. Union St., Tamaqua; Matthew Michael Zigarski, 26, of 126 Washington Drive, Kulpmont; Andrew James Foust, 29, of 130 Poor House Road, Catawissa; Chadwick E. Reichenbach, 48, of 420 Waller Road, Benton; Christopher Weston, 36, of 31 Rolling Hill Drive, Lititz; Michael Thomas Karpinski Jr., 27, of 128 E. Arch St., Shamokin; Brandon C. Parson, 29, of 47 Harkins Lane, Wilkes Barre; Jennifer Lynn Yomer, 34, of 308 S. Maple St., Mount Carmel; Jeremy Orlando Toro, 28, of 631 E. Chestnut St., Shamokin; Christine Lynn Jeffrey, 31, of 421 Center St., Coal Township; Troy Michael Tafner, 22, of 104 Second St., Mount Carmel; James Francis Gribben Jr., 37, of 1133 E. Webster St., Coal Township; Brian John Deeter, 32, of 739 Scott St., Kulpmont; Walter Lee Findeis Jr., 43, unknown address; Gerald Patrick Roche, 55, of 23 W. Main St., Girardville.

Magisterial District Judge John Gembic, 570-644-0736

Justin N. Volker-Valerio, 26, unknown address; Catherine Ann Dyszel, 51, of 9 W. Main St., Girardville; Jill Haldeman, 38, of 322 S. Market St., Shenandoah; Brad Christopher Stahl, 32, of 12 College Ave., Stewartstown; Kasin Loatman, 30, of 236 S. Shamokin St., Shamokin; Jason G. Ruggles, 29, of 500 S. Pearl St., Coal Township; Caitlin Johnson, 23, of 211 S. Shamokin St., Shamokin; Luis Ortiz, 20, unknown address; Kristi Bender, 27, of 125 Birch St., Shamokin; Janelle Sassani, 32, of 708 E. Kase St., Shamokin; Christine Rate-Tucker, 32, 419 Shipman Road, Sunbury; Judy Britton, 51, of 838 Cliff St., Apt. No. 1, Coal Township; Fendi T. Payne, 28, of 33 N. Seventh St., Shamokin; Westley Chaz Sullivan, 23, of 127 King Fisher Drive, Simpsonville, South Carolina; Erick A. Flores, 23, unknown address; Robert Sanneman, 26, unknown address; Inga Butler, 47, unknown address; Edward Joseph Miller III, 32, of 562 W. Third St., Bloomsburg; Andrew James Foust, 29, of 130 Poor House Road, Catawissa; Tiffany Lyle, 32, unknown address; Alvinn D. Twine, 28, of 2032 Kimball Ave., New Kensington; Cody Harris, 26, of 404 South Broad Mountain Ave., Frackville; Dawel Lantigua, 25, of 17 S.Rock St., Shamokin; Jill Fisher, 39, of 239-B East Columbia Ave., Mount Carmel; Carol Bruggner, 54, unknown address; Kelsea Marie Haddock, 25, of 3142 Birch Road, Philadelphia; Jhoel Leonardo Gonzalezz, 36, unknown address; Tyshawna Small, 25, unknown address; Jason C. Dreyes, 39, unknown address; Anthony Mark, 33, of 254 Winding Hill Drive, Hackettstown, New Jersey; Johnny Baker, 39, of 756 W. Market St., York; Andrea Michelle Startzel, 47, of 35 W. Union St., Tamaqua; Robert Yost, 32, of 11 Pine Lane, Pine Grove; James Kline, 36, of 423 E. Third St., Apt. B, Berwick; Jonathan Scott Rebuck, 35, of 76 Main Street, Klingerstown; Kristian Marie Skavery, 32, of 10 N. Orange St., Mount Carmel; Theresa Ann Grobaker, 36, of 1003 Walnut St., Lemoyne; David Allan Kashner, 46, of 1125 W. Montgomery St., Coal Township; Zachary D. Zablosky, 33, of 598 Trevorton Road, Shamokin; Patrick Amrose, 20, unknown address; Nicole Snyder, 34, of 308 W. Mulberry St., Shamokin; Jennifer Korawaj, 40, unknown address; Lindsey Tyler Hill, 33, of 4 Grace Drive, Thomasville, North Carolina; Nicholas Ehrmann, 36, of 230 S. Coal St., Shamokin; Steven Lezama Rivera, 27, 233 George Junior Road, Grove City; Trevor Olivieri, 35, unknown address; Betty Seibert, 58, of 11430 State Route 44, Watsontown; Timothy Ulsh, 58, of 625 N. Seventh St., Sunbury; Nicholas Heller, 29, of 76 Hillcrest Circle, Honesdale; Sherry A. Vellner, 41, of 8700 Route 61, Coal Township; Ahkil Lee, 24, of 14 N. Diamond St., Shamokin; Timothy M Nye, 34, 130 Dans Way, Coal Township; Dina Delorenzo, 49, of 712 N. Main St., Scranton; Tajuan Crum, 22, of 825 W. Spruce St., Coal Township; Curtis Groom, 30, of 822 Market St., Mahaffey; Zachary Williams, 36, of 129 S. Sixth St., Shamokin; Robert Stanford Kramer III, 30, of 1326 Spruce St., Ashland; Jack A. McKeen III, 46, of 7136 Tulip St., Philadelphia; Johnathan Patrick Shick, 33, unknown address; Michael Bernard Laskowski Jr., 40, of 926 W. Walnut St., Coal Township; Brandon Markhorst, 24, of 129 N. Rock St., Shamokin; Prudence L. Barrett, 34, of 383 Penns Creek Road, Mifflinburg; Rolanda Leigh Brennan, 38, unknown address; Jakaii Love, 22, of 229 S. Fourth St., Shamokin; Joshua Rowe, 26, 727 Scott St., Kulpmont; Eric M. Kowalchich, 34, of 131 Main St., Apt. 409, Catawissa; Nicholas Curran, 20, of 201 S. Pearl St., Shamokin; Mario Tokar-Moore, 18, unknown address; Robert W. Buettner Jr., 27, of 26 Fairground Road, Hagerstown, Maryland; Brandon Allison, 33, 189 N. Market St., Elysburg; Rasan Tyler-Davis, date of birth unknown, 7205 Greenway Ave., Philadelphia; Clint Allen Geist, 35, of 414 N. Market St., Selinsgrove; Lonnie Bixler, 51, of 6 N.Coal St., Shamokin; Gary Reigle, 32, of 236 S. Coal St., Shamokin; Tiphanee Washington-Smith, 30, unknown address; James Morgan, 34, of 476 E. Market St., Williamstown; Dwayne Harkes, 47, unknown address; Brianna Axelson, 22, 106 Easton Road, Riegelsville; Jeffrey Patrick Cooney, 24, of 920 Spruce St., Ashland; Tajuan Crum, 22, of 450 Hallam Ave., Meadowlands; Greg Null, 37, of 825 W. Spruce St., Coal Township; Brian K. Donner, 33, of 308 S. Shamokin St., Shamokin; Nelson Rivera, 41, of 709 W. Penn St., Shamokin; Jeffrey A. Try, 26, of 14 N. Market St., Shamokin; Barbara Greer, 58, of 308 W. Mulberry St., Apt. No. 5, Shamokin; Daniel Youngwith, 30, of 1405 W. Willow St., Coal Township; Joshua Linn, 24, of 2549 Route 61, Sunbury; Brett Landau, 29, of 30 W. Chestnut St., Shamokin; Lindsey Joy Frey, 34, unknown address; Joel Santiago, 21, of 416 E. Wisconsin Ave., Tower City; Colin Fraley, 22, of 676 Bear Valley Ave., Shamokin; William Lewis , 35, of 205 Apolo Circle, Nanticoke; Desiree Warner, 33, of 406 E. Dewart St., Shamokin; Eric M. Kowalchick, 34, of 131 Main St., Apt. 409, Catawissa; Alan Swank, 42, of 122 Center St., Coal Township; Jeff Zimmerman, 19, 331 S. Shamokin St., Shamokin.

Magisterial District Judge Michael Diehl, 570-742-7446

Yesica Lopez-Rivera, 22, unknown address; Bladimir Berez Perez, 28, unknown address; April Dee Barrows, 30, of P.O. Box 155, Lot 4, Montandon; Elvis E. Pagan-Figueroa, 41, unknown address; Laqwette D. Brown, 40, of 113 N. Third St., Lewisburg; William Allen Smith, 49, of 907 Rolling Ridge Road, Westminster, Maryland; Loren Lewis Evans, 55, of 224 S. Front St., Milton; Jurgen David Starr Jr., 30, of 112 Lower St., Danville; Diane Marie Baylor, 62, of 17049 Route 15, Allenwood; Angel Miguel Rodriguez-Cordero, 23, unknown address; Raul Santiago-Vazquez, 45, unknown address; Ryan Stephen LeCroy, 31, of 6556 Highway 21, Port Wentworth, Georgia; Blake Alexander Porter, 24, of 854 Phillips Road, Milton; Jamie Lynn Rosalia, 38, of 302 Center St., Milton; Thomas James Schooley, 48, of 4420 Muncy Exchange Road, Turbotville; Brandon Damien Comeau, 34, of 800 Fisher Drive, Watsontown; Brett Michael Smeal, 26, of 1840 Merrill Ave., Williamsport; Nicholas James Lyons, 25, of 831 Susquehanna Ave., Sunbury; Andrew Thomas Smith, 32, of 167 Bald Eagle Forest Road, Blanchard; Felix Joel Acosta, 38, unknown address; Jonathan Ortiz, 34, unknown address; Ana R. Monterrosa, 34, of 237 Lenker Ave., Sunbury.

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