Drug charges

KULPMONT — Tristan Swigart, 27, of 1004 Chestnut St., Kulpmont, was charged by Patrolman Jonathan McHugh with a felony of possession with intent to deliver, misdemeanors of possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use and possessing a controlled substance, and a summary offense of operating a bicycle on a one-way street in connection with a Aug. 8 incident in the 1300 block of Scott Street.

McHugh stated that he and Chief Nathan Foust observed at 1:40 p.m. a male, later identified as Swigart, operating a bicycle the wrong way on Scott Street. He and Foust made contact with the individual. Swigart was taken into custody when a records check revealed he had an active warrant.

Upon a search of Swigart, the officers found bags containing 59.3 grams of Spice, a glass pipe that contained burnt residue and a marijuana cigarette.

False identification

RALPHO TOWNSHIP — Dwayne Lee, 25, of 14 N. Diamond St., Shamokin, was charged by Patrolman Glen Wonsock with a misdemeanor of false identification in connection with a May traffic stop near the Masonic Lodge along Route 487. Wonsock stated that a front-seat passenger, later identified as Lee, appeared to be highly intoxicated. The passenger said his name was Ahkil Lee. The passenger exited the vehicle and was transported to a hospital for treatment. The accused later said he falsely identified himself because he had a warrant and did not want to go to jail.

Bad check

RALPHO TOWNSHIP — Summer Mutschler, 19, of 1310 W. Walnut St., Coal Township, was charged by Patrolman Glen Wonsock with a misdemeanor of issuing a bad check for allegedly passing a check worth $349.98 and dated Jan. 5, 2018, to Miller Gas and Oil Service. Total restitution due to Miller is $391.65.

False identification

RALPO TOWNSHIP — Matthew Weikel, 41, of 227 Fourth St., Northumberland, was charged by Patrolman Matthew Filarski with misdemeanors of false identification and summary offenses of driving with a suspended license, driving without a license, not carrying a license and false reports in connection with a June 22 traffic stop at Bottle Drive.

Filarski stated that he observed at 6:37 p.m. a vehicle with “no record found” on Bottle Drive. During the traffic stop, the driver, later identified as Matthew Weikel, was unable to provide his license, registration and proof of insurance. The driver said he was Scott A. Weikel. The driver was unable to provide information to prove his identity.

During a pat-down, the officer found an ID for Matthew Weikel. Weikel than admitted he provided false information because he had a suspended license.

Possession of marijuana

MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP — Luke Adzema, 19, of 1257 Poplar St., Kulpmont, was charged by Patrolman Kelly Campbell with misdemeanors of possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession with intent to use, and a summary offense of allowing an unauthorized person to operate a vehicle in connection with a July 13 incident at Turkey Hill Minit Markets.

Campbell stated that at 1:18 a.m. he observed a vehicle park at the store, at which point Adzema left the vehicle operated by a female who appeared to be under the age of 18. Township ordinance prohibits minors to be out in public between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. without being accompanied by a guardian or adult.

Campbell approached the vehicle and smelled marijuana. Through an open window he spoke to the driver, who acknowledged she was 17. The driver responded she had a learner’s permit when asked why she was operating the vehicle after 11 p.m. A rear passenger stated she was 15. The officer determined the smell of marijuana originated from the vehicle.

During questioning, Adzema went into the vehicle and retrieved two bags of marijuana, stating “you’re going to find it anyway.”

Possession of drug tablets

MOUNT CARMEL — Lamar Cade, 46, of 1215 Scott Street, Kulpmont, was charged by Patrolman Kyle Schauer with misdemeanors of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use and possession of misbranded substances in connection with a July 2 incident in the 100 block of South Market Street.

Schauer stated that he responded to a call for a possible drug transaction at 1:39 p.m. He contacted Cade, whom he knew. Cade was taken into custody when a records check revealed he had an active warrant. Upon a search of Cade, a bag containing .5 grams of methamphetamine, two smoking devices and 20 tablets of Gabapentin, of which he did not have a subscription for, were found.

Resisting arrest

MOUNT CARMEL — James Haynes, 29, of 227 S. Poplar St., Mount Carmel, was charged by Patrolman Kyle Schauer with a misdemeanor of resisting arrest and a summary offense of disorderly conduct in connection with a July 9 incident at 240 S. Market St. Schauer stated that at 9:40 p.m. he observed Haynes, who had a felony arrest warrant and several other arrest warrants, inside Dollar General.

According to an affidavit, back-up was requested and Northumberland County Probation attempted to detain Haynes near the exit of the store. Schauer pointed a Taser at Haynes and ordered him to the ground. Haynes stated “What?” and took a step away from the officer. The order was repeated, at which point Haynes took another step away. Haynes then lifted his leg as to take another step and turned his body away from the officer. At this point, Schauer deployed his Taser. Schauer and an assisting officer had to use force to handcuff Haynes.

Haynes, who has an extensive arrest history, was charged June 6 with multiple drug offenses, including felonies of manufacturing of drugs and criminal use of a communication facility.

Haynes was confined to Snyder County Prison in lieu of $100,000 cash bail.

Drug paraphernalia

MOUNT CARMEL – Kaylajo Marie Shuder, 28, of 221 E. Sixth St., Mount Carmel, was charged by Patrolman Kyle Schauer with possession of drug paraphernalia related to a July 2 incident.

A caller reported seeing an alleged drug transaction near 240 S. Market St. Schauer spoke with Shuder and learned there was a warrant for her arrest. She was taken into custody and searched. Drug paraphernlia had been located in her purse along with two zip bags with a white crystal-like residue.

False identification

MOUNT CARMEL – Kaitlyn M. Cleary, 24, last known address of 94 Lee Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre, was charged with providing false identification to law enforcement by Patrolman Kyle Schauer.

Schauer reported pulling over a vehicle at 1:13 a.m. July 20 for driving without rear lighting on. Cleary, a passenger in the vehicle, was asked her name and told Schauer “Rebekah Cleary,” but when Schauer ran the information, he said the photograph didn’t match. She was taken into custody and police learned a warrant was issued for her arrest from Luzerne County.

Retail theft

MOUNT CARMEL — Jean Ann Steele, 51, of 26 S. Maple St., Mount Carmel, was charged by Patrolman Kyle Schauer with retail theft for allegedly stealing items valued at $19.57 from the Dollar General at 240 S. Market St. on June 18.

Driving without license

MOUNT CARMEL — Danielle M. Poplaskie, 47, of 1336 W. Fern St., Coal Township, was charged by Patrolman Joseph Hahn with driving without a license, driving under suspension, false identification to police, restrictions on alcoholic beverages and a lighting violation.

The charges relate to a July 17 traffic stop at West Fifth and South Oak streets in which Poplaskie provided police with a false name.

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