Trailer theft

COAL TOWNSHIP — According to Coal Township Police, Robert Britton III, of 38 N. Sheridan St., Coal Township, reported that he parked his 2006 Bri-Mar Flat Bed Trailer in the K-Mart parking lot where he was working. He last saw the trailer July 15 and discovered it missing at 11 a.m. Wednesday morning. The trailer is valued at $7,000. It had a new winch recently attached and tool box mounted to the front.


COAL TOWNSHIP — Tania Renn from Renn’s Trash Removal Inc. reported a 12-volt automotive battery was stolen from a garbage truck within the past week. The truck was parked in Tharptown when the theft occurred.

Possession, public drunkenness

KULPMONT — Charles M. Harris, 61, of 569 Church St., Danville, was charged by then-Patrolman Nathan Foust with possession of a counterfeit substance and possession of an adulterated or misbranded substance related to an April 23 incident.

Harris was found by Foust in a wooded area near the 1400 block of Maple Street and allegedly had a strong smell of marijuana coming from him. Foust said Harris admitted to smoking marijuana before he showed up, and a search of him uncovered one Percocet in a small glass bottle.


RIVERSIDE — Patrolman Andrew Rupp charged Aaron Rodolfo Cortez, 29, and Shannon Marie Tanney, 21, both of 175 Main St., Locust Gap, with misdemeanor charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana related to a July 6 incident.

Cortez and Tanney were passengers in a vehicle Rupp pulled over due to suspended registration from insurance cancellation. He reported smelling marijuana coming from the inside of the vehicle and located three bags of marijuana during a search.

Receiving stolen property

COAL TOWNSHIP — Trooper Zachary Martini, state police Stonington, has charged Michael John Pugh, a Northumberland County Corrections Officer, with receiving stolen property. From May 24 through June 14, Pugh was observed on surveillance cameras stealing 10 separate items totaling $21.21 from the officer’s dining room.

Retail theft

COAL TOWNSHIP — Patrolman Jason Adams arrested and charged Cynthia Jo Manley, 41, of 853 Center St., Coal Township, with retail theft as the result of an incident which occurred on June 22. According to police, Manley was observed and apprehended by Wal-Mart asset protection after stealing a total of $417.70 worth of merchandise from the store.

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