Vehicle accident

COAL TOWNSHIP — At 10 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 5, a vehicle operated by Renee Foulds, 42, of Shamokin, struck another vehicle parked along State Route 61 owned by Alan Kistler of Sunbury. Both vehicles were towed from the scene by Anthracite Towing. Coal Township Police were assisted by Shamokin Police, AREA Services and the Coal Township Fire Department.

DUI and wreckless driving

COAL TOWNSHIP — Shane Hart, 29, of 214 Cedar Rd., Paxinos, has been charged by Coal Township Police with two counts of driving under the influence and careless driving, following an incident which occurred on the morning of July 17.

According to police, Hart was operating his vehicle in a wreckless manner, swerving across the road, in and out of ditches along State Routes 2026 and 61 North. He was stopped by police at the intersection of Sunbury and Pearl Streets in Shamokin where he was placed under arrest for DUI.

Public drunkenness and disorderly conduct

SHAMOKIN — Harry A. Baughman, 59, of 331 S. Rock St., Shamokin, was charged with disorderly conduct and public drunkenness for his involvement in an incident which took place on Sunday afternoon. According to police, Baughman was under the influence of alcohol when he became involved in a verbal altercation and shouted obscenities at residents of the 400 block of South Shamokin Street.

Disorderly conduct

SHAMOKIN — Miguel Angel Torres Jr., of 425 N. Shamokin St., Shamokin, and Nico Allen Tovey, 36, of 421 N. Shamokin St., Shamokin, were both charged by Shamokin Police with fighting in a public place and causing a disturbance at 501 N. Shamokin St. early Saturday morning.

Public drunkenness

SHAMOKIN — Yvonne E. Carter, 31, of 510 N. Eighth St., Shamokin, was cited for public drunkenness by Shamokin Police. Carter openly exhibited signs of intoxication, including the smell of alcohol on her breath, glassy eyes and slurred speech, while being observed in the 500 block of North Eighth Street by police Friday afternoon.

Drug possession

COAL TOWNSHIP — Patrolman Edward Purcell Jr. has charged Paul T. Gurba, 23, of 1213 W. Fern St., with marijuana possession from a June 29 incident in which Gurba and another individual, Collin Hoover, were both observed, inside a vehicle operated by Hoover, smoking marijuana in the Ferndale section of Coal Township, near the playground and ball field.

Wreckless driving

COAL TOWNSHIP — Steven R. Markowitz, 48, of 1141 W. Wood St., Coal Township, was charged by Patrolman Edward Purcell Jr. with multiple counts including disorderly conduct, driving with a suspended license and wreckless driving as the result of a May 4 incident. According to police, the defendant became involved in an altercation with another vehicle operated by Amanda Derck while driving along Route 61 from Masser’s Restaurant in Paxinos to the Cameron Bridge and then Oak Street in Shamokin. A passenger in Derck’s vehicle, Sean Perry, was also a witness. According to Derck and Perry, Markowitz fired multiple shots, while driving, from a bb gun at their vehicle.


COAL TOWNSHIP — Rocky Lee Komara Sr., 69, of 1107 Webster St., Coal Township, was charged by Patrolman Joshua Wynn with driving under the influence. According to police, on March 31 Komara was involved in an accident and arrested for DUI after he was unable to walk in a straight line. It was later determined that Komara had a blood alcohol level of 0.234 at the time of the incident.

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