Criminal mischief

MOUNT CARMEL — Patrick L. Amarose III, 20, of 144 W. Girard St., Atlas, was charged by Patrolman Kevin Katch with criminal mischief and criminal conspiracy relating to an incident in the 200 block of West Third Street that occurred between the late evening hours of April 23 and early morning hours of April 24.

Police reported Amarose and others are accused of putting sugar and raw eggs into the gas tank of a vehicle owned by Donald Wiest Jr., causing $600 damage.

Multiple offenses

MOUNT CARMEL — Kaylajo Marie Shuder, 28, of 221 E. Sixth St., Mount Carmel, has been charged in connection with three different incidents in the borough.

Shuder and her husband, Edward John Shuder, Jr., 38, are charged by Patrolman Joseph Hahn with retail theft, receiving stolen property and criminal conspiracy involving the theft of merchandise from Turkey Hill Minit Market on May 28.

Kaylajo Shuder also is charged by Hahn with possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a misbranded substance involving a May 30 incident in the 200 block of South Orange Street.

Police said Shuder possessed methamphetamine, Clonazepam, two syringes, two torch lighters, a glass smoking pipe, a pill crusher and two small empty baggies.

Patrolman Kyle Schauer charged Kaylajo Shuder with theft of services for allegedly failing to pay $53.77 for taxi services to Susquehanna Valley Taxi on June 1.

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