Numerous write-in votes on both the Republican and Democratic tickets slowed the official count which began Friday at noon in the court house.

One member of the election board said he doesn’t remember a primary election in which as many write-in votes were recorded.

Although write-ins predominated, the official count completed late Saturday, showed no change in results.

Lester L. Albright, a veteran campaigner and Republican candidate for his eighth term as register and recorder, led candidates on both tickets with 9,588 votes.

Votes for other Republican candidates are as follows, Louis J. Horvath, controller, 8,917; Dr. Henry F. Ulrich, coroner, 8,882, plus 63 Democratic write-in votes; Harry Wallick, prothonotary, 8,653, and Michael Molesevich, jury commissioner, 8,261.

Larry V. Snyder, who is seeking reelection to his seventh consecutive term as prothonotary and clerk of the courts, lead Democratic candidates with 5,516 votes.

Voting for other Democratic candidates shows Edward F. Pfeiffer, controller, 5,070; Ronald F. Startzel, register and recorder, 5,041; Dr. V.J. Baluta, Coroner, 1,853 write-in votes; John P. Kersten, Mount Carmel, defeated George R. McFarland, Watsontown for Democratic jury commissioner by a vote of 4,774 to 966.

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