Your vote is a valuable commodity. It’s the difference between being a victim or a volunteer. It is participation. It is involvement.

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The Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program just released a study that casts serious doubt on President Trump’s insistence that the economy is improving, and that the employment market is strong.

To the editor: How annoyingly consistent is the left’s unwillingness to compromise? How many times have you read or heard our losing political party broadcast that they won the popular presidential vote? These very loud protestations are accompanied by whispers of throwing out our Electoral …

I have good news for younger generations worried that they won’t be able to claim their Social Security benefits because we older generations have ripped them off and will be leaving nothing behind: Your fears are unfounded.

Vaping among high school students has risen 135% in just two years, and the government deserves more than a little blame. The Food and Drug Administration has dragged its feet on regulation, and lawmakers have resisted reforms to make e-cigarettes less appealing to children. Government inact…

Whenever a Catholic runs or is nominated for public office, he or she has to endure a now-familiar vetting process revolving around one thing: abortion rights. To make progressives happy, candidates must follow the Mario Cuomo script of “I am personally opposed but I will not impose my will …

To the editor: From Nov. 18 to 22, we will celebrate American Education Week, a great opportunity to appreciate the amazing public-school educators and support professionals who work hard every day to prepare our students for future success.

Gov. Tom Wolf has signed into law the most significant revision to Pennsylvania election laws in about 80 years. With one important exception, the new law truly constitutes reform.

The News-Item’s cheers and jeers from the past week of news:

Staff Sergeant Frank Rupinski, from Mount Carmel and a member of the US Army 2nd Ranger Battalion, Echo Company, was just 24-years-old when he played a role in being “the tip of the spear” that assaulted Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 — D-Day — and scaled the 110-foot sheer cliffs at Pointe du …

Pennsylvania’s nearly century and a half ban on most forms of hunting on Sundays will probably end soon thanks to a Harrisburg compromise on the issue.

As another Veterans Day is on the horizon and the American nation accelerates its Godless plunge, an emerging story from the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) underscores how pervasive this dive is.

With the year’s final season now firmly installed and my attention focused on the day-to-day action in the congressional committees, I realize I’ve been remiss in not keeping up my scorecard on Donald Trump’s nominations to the federal courts.

Joe Biden is going to win the Democratic nomination for president. I wouldn’t run to your bookie with this information. My track record is spotty, at best. But I’ll be shocked if I’m wrong and I’ll have plenty of company, including many Democrats.

If it seems as though the kids are watching a lot more videos online than they were just a few years ago, appearances are reality. New research shows the typical American youth is spending an hour every day viewing online videos.

There is no question that Americans could use a lesson or two on the Constitution and its amendments. The Freedom Forum Institute’s 2019 State of the First Amendment survey found that only 29% of respondents could name freedom of religion as one of the five freedoms safeguarded by the First …

To the editor: There were a number of factors that contributed to Trump’s success in being elected to the presidency. Forget about the help with the Russian interference.

Speaking in 1910, former two-term president Theodore Roosevelt offered some practical advice that Elizabeth Warren and today’s progressive Democrats would be wise to heed. Although, they probably won’t.

Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, two Soviet-born associates of Rudy Giuliani, are charged with funneling $325,000 in foreign money into a super-PAC supporting President Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. Their indictment should serve as a warning about the threat of foreign manipulation of …

To the editor: For safer streets, speed limits must be posted at the safest speeds. Those are the 85th percentile speeds, the speeds most people drive, determined by a highway safety engineer’s speed study.

To some, it is a resource that drove development for decades, before environmental protections and economic difficulties conspired to close it off. To many others, it is an ecological treasure that may not be the country’s best-known wild expanse — but probably should be. The fate of the wor…

The News-Item’s cheers and jeers for the past week of news:

On Nov. 5, we can expect to see all Pennsylvania voters going to the polls for a major election. Right? No, probably not. For some reason, many voters only come out to the polls for state-wide or national elections and ignore the local elections for county, borough or township officials who …

Facebook has said it does not want to play umpire to political advertising. Now, another platform has suggested a solution: Get out of the game.

If you were to ask the majority of baptized Catholics what their thoughts were of the recently concluded Amazon Synod, most would think you were questioning them about some product offered on the internet merchandizing giant, Amazon.

More than a year ago, on July 9, 2018, I wrote a column titled, “Where are the lost children?”

To the editor: The Rev. Robert Smith will be a guest speaker at a combined service of Zion Primitive Methodist Church and Saint Philip and James Anglican Church at 9 a.m. Nov. 10.

To the editor: I grew up in New Jersey and played and coached high school football there. Over the years I always heard of the quality and tradition of “coal country” football, but had never seen a game.

Volunteer fire and rescue companies are indispensable to public safety statewide. Of nearly 2,500 fire companies statewide, about 90% are volunteer companies, according to state statistics. Without them, the cost of some of the most important public services would increase exponentially.

To the editor: It’s refreshing to have a president who loves our country and tries to keep his campaign promises. President Donald J. Trump is a businessman who brings a new perspective to the operation of our government. The deep state resists, numerous politicians try to remove him from of…