Last week’s loss of the governor’s race in Virginia (and maybe the House of Delegates, too) and the unexpectedly close gubernatorial election in New Jersey are a gift for the Democrats. A year before the national mid-terms, where control of Congress, governorships and the state legislatures will be at stake, they get dry ice dumped on their heads. If they want to maintain their majority, they’d better pull themselves together.

Results in both states show that the suburban vote might still swing toward Republicans, especially without Trump on the ballot, and with control of schools as a key issue. Youngkin kept Trump confined to goosing his base in Southside and southwest Virginia, while the candidate spoke to suburbanites about who would control the schools. If Democrats thought they could now count on the suburbs after Biden’s victory, they were delusional. Nationwide, the suburbs are now the biggest swing bloc. Remember, many of these voters turned around to vote GOP down-ballot after voting for Biden.

John Peeler is a retired professor of political science and Latin American studies at Bucknell.

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