In a span of nearly nine minutes, George Floyd, arrested for allegedly using a forged $20 bill, was suffocated to death by a police officer. According to the Wall Street Journal, the officer had 18 previous complaints filed against him resulting in only two letters of reprimand.

Where was the investigation on how he was allowed to continue? Where is vice president contender Amy Klobuchar? This officer obviously had a documented history of issues and not dismissing him has city leaders sharing some responsibility, but that doesn’t fit the leftist agenda.

Greg Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Sunday edition.

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Whether you think so or not you come off as a true racist, blaming the victim, when you say he was arrested for passing a bad 20.00 bill and died with drugs in his system , that I am sure you heard on Fox news,the only news that spreads the lies that TRUMP tells on a daily basis , and all Trump cult followers believe. Regardless of all of that , even if it is true, make no difference! A man was murdered! It was police brutality and racism. The fact that he was a black man made it just a little bit sweeter for this bad cop , (who was probably shoved in many lockers in high school) and vowed in his sick mind to get even with all people that treated him badly ,to become a cop and when he was in control he could hide behind his gun and a badge.Now getting back to you and your constant blaming of everything bad in the government on the EVIL DEMOCRATS ! Do you realize how very STUPID that makes you sound? For someone who perceives himself to be so intelligent , you really drop the ball here. Both sides leave a lot to be desired, and always have. Wake up, do some REAL research on both sides of the political isle, and just in case you are wondering , I am a registered Republican , that did not vote for TRUMP in 2016, because I knew he was a disgusting man and a terrible business man, and certainly will not in 2020. The man has serious mental issues, and has divided our country like no other president

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