It was not a favorable week for some iconic childhood stalwarts. It began with the castration of Mr. Potato Head who is now just another vegetable with feigned expressions making it the ideal co-host for “The View.” No matter how odd life is there are some folks overtly concerned about the gender of a plastic toy potato.

Who’s next, Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken?

Greg Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Saturday edition.

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Once again , the Left , like you put it , did not stop the 6 books . Dr Seuss 's own organization did, but you already know that. Why don't you write about something that really matters? . This will be deleted like always , after you complain about my opinion of you.


It was the Dr. Seuss organization that canceled the 6 books , NOT the left and I am sure you know that .


Oh , so now you decide to put my comments back. LOL

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