On Sept. 20, young people all over the world will be marching to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Many adults are skeptical of their motives, asking whether this is just a social media trend or an excuse to skip school. Unfortunately, not.

As a member of the local chapter of the Climate Reality Project, I give presentations on the climate crisis here in the Susquehanna Valley and I always get a clear message from young people in the audience. They tell me they don’t need to hear me talk about the evidence for the climate crisis, the so-called “gloom and doom.” What they really want to hear is what we’re going to do about it. They know that the climate crisis is happening because they have seen its effects worsen during their lifetime and they can see how it will affect their future. At this point, they’ve had enough of waiting for adults to act and they’ve started to raise their own voices.

Field lives in Lewisburg and is the chair of the Climate Reality Project, Susquehanna Valley Chapter.

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