It was one of those stories that should have headlined across our fruited plain, but in this age of COVID-19 and Trump derangement syndrome, it wouldn’t suit the narrative.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their website regarding COVID-19’s deaths and the numbers have been greatly reduced of those who died strictly from the virus.

Greg Maresca, a local freelance writer, composes “Talking Points” for each Saturday edition.

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When will you stop watching FAUX (FOX ) news? The CDC debunked that so called report the same day it appeared. The CDC did not release that report. Facebook and Twitter then researched it and found out it was Q-ANON, the Nut Job conspiracy theorists TRUMP lovers, that TRUMP himself endorses. Twitter and Facebook then removed the report. You call yourself a columnist? Well I think you are a disgrace and a total MORON! The News Item should be ashamed to allow your misinformation to be printed !!

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