“I alone can fix it,” said Donald Trump in 2016. Four years later, it’s clear he wasn’t talking about national unity, race relations, public health, deficit spending or decaying infrastructure. Maybe he meant the coal industry.

No sector of the economy received more love from candidate Trump than the producers of “beautiful, clean coal.” His mass rallies almost invariably included paeans to these victims of supposed climate-change lunacy, and his audiences cheered his promise to restore coal mining to its former glory as the fossil fuel of choice for the generation of electricity.

David Von Drehle writes a twice-weekly column for The Post.

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When Trump came in to office, unemployment in Northumberland County was 7 percent. Now it’s 17! County coal revenues are no higher than three years ago. He has accomplished nothing. Except dividing our great country.


Great piece. I can hear the Trump cultists now....but Hillary's emails. but Benghazi, but Obama's tan suit.

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